The Money Is In The List eBook Review

Who doesn’t know the money is in the list? It has been the main marketing base line of most internet marketing systems for a long time now. You can get heaps of informational products that teach you how to crack the code of this legal money printing business model. It may look far fetched, but in reality that is what is going to happen.

This eBook, written by Jimmy Kim, focuses on simplifying the whole process. In fact he has focused the process in simple three steps. If you are in the “Make Money Online” niche of any kind, you would probably know the importance of having subscribers list of your own. So the journey starts to building lead capture pages, sales copy writing, graphics, autoresponder service, domain name and hosting, to name most.

Once you are set to go, you are confronted by a daunting task of all, TRAFFIC. You must get traffic to your offers. There are heaps of paid advertising methods that still work great, but you must be prepared to pay a hefty fee to run the ads.

For me, this is the only puzzle that i couldn’t unlock. All the rest is just simple when you use an already highly performing squeeze page like this below

(Copy and Paste link please!)

But getting a traffic source that is reasonably priced and converting well has always been illusive. Free traffic method is doable, but as many agree it has too much work and trouble in it. The search engines seem to be very unhappy to grant you free traffic of any kind. Remember, they are companies that strive to make money too.

If Jimmy Kim is going to reveal a traffic source that you can easily tap into and get subscribers to your lead capture page , then it is wise to subscribe to his offer now. For me it is a no-brainer, I want to know of an easy and cheap traffic source that i can access for my online marketing. If I didn’t see anything new on the webinar and it is all old school stuff, I then UNSUBSCRIBE.

Hope I gave you an honest review of the ebook entitled “The money is in the list”. I was a quick read and i agree Jimmy has tried to make the information clear and to the point.

Download from the link below

(Copy and Paste link please!)

You can see a proof that i have really subscribed to his offer and downloaded the ebook below…

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