Ranking Internet Marketing Product Reviews using Videos

Rank your Internet marketing product review videos

This post is about offering you a free service that builds you backlinks to your Internet marketing product reviews videos, or any other video for that matter.

The following paragraphs are to explain issues relating to the problems of video marketing and i would like you to read through if you think it is helpful. If not, then go to the last paragraphs and see how you can get your free backlinks to your videos.

One of the best methods of affiliate marketing is through Internet marketing product reviews, where you post a review article or video and whenever someone searches for the product keywords your article or video pops up on the first page of Google.

You don’t have to worry about the market as the vendor will do all sorts of promotional activities (BUZZ) and customers will almost always do a search for “Review” using the product keywords. The big problem will only be how to find your way (Fight your way actually) to the top of the search engines.

Have you tried to do everything in the book and never been able to get to the first page? Well, you are not alone. I am one of those guys who still is in the fight.

As an internet marketer, newbie or established, you are not only fighting other marketers to get your posts on the first page of the search engines. The search engines are even the most vicious enemies when it comes to online marketing.

You can understand why they are so fierce in slapping so many websites and videos. Yeah, they are kind of “controlling the quality” of information their users are getting. This quality then means a lot of things. To mention few;

    • Original article
    • Relevant backlink structure
    • Authority of the website
  • Social media signals

So, if our internet marketing product reviews have to get the winning hand, everything area of the promotion has to be done correctly. Posting review articles to our blog and pushing it up on the search results is achievable when the post is on a well established website with reasonable domain authority, and good quality of backlinks built over some time.

But there is another fast way to do a review and that is using videos. You can record a short summary of the product and include a call to action in the video. Then upload the video on YouTube or other video hosting websites following the proper video marketing practices. videos rank very well in the search engines and it is so common to see videos listed as general search results on Google.

You may not be able to do a video review recordings for some reason

Then, there are other options that you can use. You can go to fiverr and order a video review of a specific product and when you get the video upload it on YouTube with the proper tile and tags. The only thing we have to make sure is the quality and content of the video.

Imagine your video ranking on the 1st page of Google and someone clicking through to find that the video is of poor quality or the content is not relevant. They will just click away and you lost a customer. Search engines will ultimately filter out poorly performing videos and the ranking will drop. What do you have to do to avoid such a disaster?

Make sure the video has the best quality, including the balance of voice, music, background and content. If you are making a product review about “3d cover maker” you have to stick to the main topic. The last part of your video has to always end with a call to action. You must tell the visitor what to do to get the product. If you do all of this right, it is time to worry about the ranking.

One of the ranking power of every web property is the backlinks that point to that specific website. That is how the search engines measure the relevance of your website. Don’t get me wrong here, SEO is such a complex science theses days that anyone can’t tell you all the details needed to do it all right. But backlinbks remain to be the most determining factors of the algorithm.

Your YouTube videos need backlinks, they have to be embedded in several websites to build reputation and ranking. Where do you get those backlinks? who will be embedding your videos? If you come up with a simple solution to these questions, you are a miracle worker in the internet marketing world.

We have been told to “Spam Comment” to get backlinks and we have been endlessly trying to spread comments using bots and third party services with little to no result. The main problem is not in commenting, it is the webmasters that “Delete” the comments and the search engines that “Penalize” us for backlink spamming. There seems to be no way out. But don’t lose heart, there is a better solution.

Easy Backlinks to your Review Videos

You can easily build backlinbks to your videos using the system that is designed to give you an access to network of blogs that you can embed your videos to. The process is simple, you buy a wordpress plugin, integrate it on your website, upload your internet marketing review video (Or any other video), create a campaign and decide how many backlinks you want to build.

In this system you have all the permission to get your backlinks on many other websites and your videos will definitely rank through time. The main point to remember will be not to do a fast and excessive backlink building. It is recommended that you build very few backlinks at the firs week of the video upload and then grow your backlinks through time.

The wordpress plugin that i am talking about is P1RANKME, which you can buy in JVZOO. But i am so willing to let you see the power of this system by letting you build backlinks to your videos through my websites.

I am not charging anything and you can get 12 backlinks, where your videos will also be embedded. Make sure you are strictly following the best video marketing advice and start building your video backlink building and wait and see the result.

One of the main problems internet marketers have is “Impatience”, in that i mean we want an instant ranking. It could happen when the search term doesn’t have a competition and the website is an authority. For average guy like me and you, it is not going to happen. So, be wiling to wait and see for the ranking improvements.

If you want me to build your backlinks to your videos for free, then subscribe below and i will get back to you with few instructions on how to get your backlinks.

# I will not take any responsibility for any unwanted results you get to your video rankings

# I am using a third party plug-in and anything can go wrong, for which i am not responsible

# The third part plug-in wouldn’t give backlinks report so that you may see where your videos are embeded. This is done by the product owner to cover foot-prints of the system (Not letting the search engines know it is an SEO link building). But backlinks are really built through the system!

# Once the backlinks are created i have no authority to delete or alter links in any way

# Backlink building is just one part of ranking and it will not help your videos unless you implement all aspects of YouTube SEO

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    • Thanks for letting me know. Have updated the post and corrected the optin form…hope it is ok now. I have started backlinks to one of your videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3E2OKoc8eo. Think you need to optimise your videos for better ranking. Just a suggestion…leave a reply if you are interested to know more on this subject. Thanks

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