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The best way to write product reviews

Product review blogging is profitable

This blog’s theme is Internet marketing product reviews and we focus mainly reviewing digital products. But here we are talking about how to write a product reviews of digital or physical products. Targeting a “Review” keyword is so profitable for bloggers for the very reason that the Internet has created a new generation of buyers who jump on the Internet to do a little research before buying any product.

Guess what? There are heaps of reviews about every little and big product out there in the market. Reviews sites of digital products are so many. So, it is becoming a real trouble for those who want to get the best and truthful review. My point is, if you target a Product-Keyword+Review of any sort, you are most likely going to be a profitable.

Which type of product reviews would you like to write about

Heaps of products to review

Before you start your website development and content creation, you must decide to which type of product reviews you want to focus on. The opportunities of being successful in both sectors is huge. There is no denying that there are lots of people doing the same thing making the competition fierce.

But if you get the best guide and start out on a clear planned path, you will have your spot on the first page of the search engines. This blog focuses on digital products, ebooks, software, video tutorials, memberships, the list goes on.

There is huge chance to get these products free or very cheap and review them in few hours. Once you get the basics of the product it will be time to prepare the content you are going to write about the product. If you are interested to be reviewer of digital products, this blog is the right place to get the mos help in tips and resources.

Do you have to own the product before reviewing it?

Not necessarily

we are talking about “Product Reviews” and it seems a none sense to write a review of a product without owning and testing it. It may not work well in the physical products sector very well, but is quite easy to do in the digital sector. Let us assume you just want to buy “YouTube Marketing 101” ebook and you wanted to see if there are good reviews of the ebook.

You will definitely get dozens of blogs and videos on the first page of Google that target the keyword “YouTube Marketing 101 Review”.

Do you think every one of those reviewers have really obtained a copy of the ebook? Well, the truth is, they didn’t. Not having the product doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about it. There are certain things you can do to get the best of what you are saying about the product.

These are the common practices of writing Internet marketing product reviews

  • Find other reviews and get the main idea about the product

Even if you are one of the earliest product reviewers in your niche, chances are there is another person that posted a review about the product already. Read and grab the main content of others’ reviews and you will clearly see what the product is all about.

It is not as powerful as those who tested the product and write about it, but still possible to do your own version of the review. If the product is a physical product, you can get reviews in various sites like Amazon and eBay to get the main features of the product.

  • Read the sales page in depth and try to get what the product is all about

Buying digital products is at times very tricky. The vendor will not clearly tell his visitor what the product really is. You may have been at a sales page just wandering what the page is really saying about the product you are going to buy. You can see a “Hyped” title, eye-catching graphics, “Trailer Style” videos, screen shots and all sorts of things that will rather “Urge” you to click that “Buy” button, but no clear explaining of the product itself.

If you are a beginner Internet marketer, you will definitely be biased about the product. But not so for those who have lots of years of experience in the field. You can pick sentences and phrases that state what the product is supposed to be. Then, you get what kind of product review to write about.

  • Use the vendor’s affiliate tools

Almost all vendors and product owners have affiliate resource center. They want to get as many affiliates as possible to maximize their revenue and the best way to keep affiliates happy is by providing them with as many tools as possible. When you go to the affiliate resource center of a specific product, you will get articles, email swipes, banners, videos and so on. These resources give you a clear picture of what the product can do and what to write about it.

What is the purpose of writing a product review?

Sell products through review

You use different approaches of writing product reviews. The main goal many go after is praising the product, showing how awesome it is and urging the reader to go and buy through an affiliate link. This is even enforced by offering different kinds of bonus products. It is still the most used method by large and the competition in this sector is way beyond tolerable.

Once you know how to optimize your posts in regards to the keywords you are targeting, it is easy to appear on the first few pages of the search engines. You must be very familiar about keywords, search volumes, competitions and the likes to be one of the best performers in this venture.

There is a negative way of writing a review that is as effective as the positive one. There are products that don’t deliver as they promise and it will be very unwise to praise such a product. Everyone is going to find out and sooner or later the Internet will be full of negative reviews. In this instance, write about what is not that good in the product and direct the reader to a better option.

You may have seen review posts that have titles like “Don’t buy XXX before reading this post”. Yes, the writer is trying to get your attention and tell you either to buy through his link and get huge bonus or give you an alternative to the product mentioned.

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