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# I am not using empowernetwork as a blogging platform any more, Unsubscribed due to cost issues…the information you get here may be beneficial though

You better have a secured blogging platform or risk huge frustration

Unless one is in a total internet shut-down, it is hard to miss all kinds of promotions floating around  regarding Empowernetwork and its products. Yeah, i am one of the users of the blogging platform and i would say i have a Secured Blogging Platform with this company. The very first thing that convinced me of signing up is the blog being taken care of by a strong team than weak me.

You know what i mean? I have been using WordPress blogs, hosting them and developing content, driving traffic, only to get my blog hacked at a critical earning time. I remember several times how my heart dropped to the floor and i just want to leave everything and go away for good. But i didn’t, i kept on learning and fighting my way up the success way. When Empowernetwork opened up, i saw how it is helpful to get my blog protected by a business, which also gives me a 100% commission for my referrals at the same time. But now the Empowernetwork business has evolved to even the best blogging platform, though i really don’t like the “Blog Beast” name they gave it.

If you are serious about a Secured Blogging Platform, get in now

There is no point in hyping you into buying this secured blogging platform, but believe me there is so much valuable tools, trainings in there. This morning i was listening to one of the Inner Circle audio trainings and i couldn’t contain myself from laughing again and again as the guy mentions about how he has been a “Copy Cat”, copying others success formulas. The reason i laughed was, i was about to launch my own money making system after going through some other guy’s website.

Well, it is not that we copy and past what others have done, but we take the information, see how they do it and create our own system. Wish i would share with all my visitors the whole audio, but for the moment i can’t, we pay money for those audio files. The new blogging platform is even much interactive and a better secured blogging platform, as you can blog and share with the Empower community, and most of all you don’t worry about securing and backing it up.

Why i blog on my own WP blog?

I blog on my own blog and on my Empowernetwork (Now Blog Beast) for a reason. I have few subscribers on my own site and still want to keep in touch with them, and the other benefit is the more places i post the more i get leads and sales. This blog is well taken care of, but i have no power if some new threat comes and one day you don’t find it. There are hundreds of thousands crooks out there who just want to do harm and damage. So i benefit from having my own blog and a secured blogging platform at Empowernetwork too.

Secured Blogging Platform presented with a huge bonus

The other thing i would like to mention is the bonuses you will be getting while signing up for this blogging platform. You will be taught on basic but valuable stuff that will help you succeed in your blogging endeavours. I have taken a screen capture of the bonuses and you can imagine how important they will be, by who authored them and where they are being given away for free. Don’t get me wrong here, serious blogging is like full time job. There is a lot to plan, research, write and syndicate, but worth it. Sign up now and be part of tens of thousands of bloggers, having a secured blogging platform. Wishing you all success, so long

These are the bonus products you get

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