e-Biz Solutions; Do It Yourself Strategies

DIY e-biz solutions, to help you establish your business online

You may be involved in an online business of some sort. You are in need of strategies, e-biz solutions, that help your business be establishes online. What are the basic things that help you get the best result in giving you the credentials of a successful online business? You have to start from the basic things that give you an online presence.

You need a domain name, hosting account, web-design that is up-to date with the current trend and content for your website. These tasks are not cheap services. You may have seen services asking hefty fees for just a web-design. But you can as well do these by yourself.

There are affordable or free ways of getting e-biz solutions to your desired tasks. The best advice I give anyone in this journey is to do-it-yourself, at least some of the tasks. Most of the online marketing tasks can be done by yourself. It is tiresome, boring and very time consuming. If you have plenty of time on your hand, then it is time to get a plan and start doing things as scheduled. I will lay out the things that are most important for your business to be established and get a good rank for what you are marketing for.

What is your target keyword

You must know what your target audience or market is. You just can establish online business that didn’t have any target audience. Most acceptable way of starting this out will require you to have the best keyword research strategy and come up with the best ones that you can target in your online business. Google keyword tool is one of the most used one in the world wide web. Most other third party services rely on Google keyword tool too. So, get the best information on how to use Google keyword tool and start using it to get the best target-able keywords for your business.

Competition is a huge issue on the internet. Unless you have a huge potential to get huge amounts of back-links and social following, there is no way you can rank your business on the first page of the search engines. Best advice is get keywords that have a good level of search volume and are not that competitive. Some experts in this field say you should target search volume of 1000+ and competition of medium to low.

You get your target market; now what?

Once you get what to target, it is time to lay out your plan of establishing your business. You need a domain name and hosting to get started. Heaps of services that you can register a domain at and same with hosting services. You don’t need anyone help to register your domain and set-up a hosting account. You can get easy tutorial videos on YouTube and do it yourself without any trouble. Once you register your domain and host it somewhere, it is time to build your website.

You must give your website a title that is directly related to what you are targeting. If your target keyword is “Best exercise plan for pregnant women” then your website title has to have that phrase in some way. That is how you tell the search engines what your website is about. There are so many website design templates out there and there is no way each has its own pros and cons. Here, I would elaborate WordPress platform as it is one of the most used and loved.

If you want to use Worpress for your business, then you are assured to get so many resources that help you out in your website building venture. The best and current trend in website building is to use a “Silo” structure to your website. This will empower your ranking and will make it easy for visitors to get what they want on your website.

Writing about silo structure is way too vast for this post, but you can watch the video below to see what it means and how to do it. Get the content on your website organised so that the search engines rank it high and your visitors get it easy to navigate through.

Populate your website on quality content on a constant basis

After you designed your website in a silo structure, it is time to write the content. Written material is not the only content you should be adding. You must include videos and graphics so that your content may be so rich and attractive. It is easy to get the videos and graphics, but very hard to come up with the best researched article. You can definitely use third-party content writers to easy the pain here. Whichever way you want to go, you must populate your website with content so that it gets the best rank in the search engines.

Establish your brand through social media marketing

You will not do very well if you don’t have a social presence online. You have clearly seen businesses online that show-off their Facebook and Twitter feeds to get you there and participate in the activity. So, if you want to brand your business properly in social media, you must use your business name (Could be your domain name or title) to register your social profiles. You can do this all by yourself, but it is clear it will be a daunting task to be involved in. If you can’t manage that then go to the cheapest market, Fiverr, and get someone to do it for you.

After establishing your brand in the social media, it is best practice to spread your content through social media whenever you create a new content. Get as huge following as possible in there and you are in the right way to get a high ranking in the search engines.

Time to do online marketing to attract more traffic

Getting constant targeted traffic is not easy. You can have the best service and goods your competitors doesn’t have, but you can still suffer huge loss if you are not getting visitors to your business. Hence, paid online marketing comes to your aid. You can drive traffic to your website in a number of paid services. The bet ones are the following;

  • Pay Per click

You pay for sites that have huge traffic and they will display your ad according to your campaign set-up. You can manage this by yourself, but better do it after getting the best resources to minimize cost and maximize results.

  • eMail Marketing

If you have your own database of email list, now is the time to start to send your email promotions to get your visitors to your offers. If you don’t have them, then there are other services that have a huge list that fits your business. You can pay those services to get the best traffic to your website. If you are in the digital information marketing, then “Solo-Ads” are the way to go.

  • Mobile Marketing

You can clearly see how the mobile market is huge, even more vast than the internet. There are places that don’t have internet connection, but people there still have mobile phones. There are services that specialize the mobile marketing field and you can easily tap into that market to get visitors to your website

Get the best of the traffic you are getting

People come to your website in one way or another, but you will not do well unless you maximize the result by capturing their emails through an opt-in form. Make visitors give you their email by providing them with free but valuable gifts. Once you start to capture visitors’ email addresses, you are on your way to get the best result of what your website is targeting at.

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