3d Cover Creator Review; Best eBook Cover Maker

I’ve been creating information products online for some time now but the graphics end of the product creation process is always something I would outsource to others, up until recently I get an amazing 3d cover maker software. Hence, I scrambled 3d Cover Creator Review here.

I’m glad to say though that 3d cover creator has changed all of that and with the use of this simple software I can now create my own 3d covers that are as good if not more professional than what I used to get from the graphic designer. I have also noticed an increase in sales when I split tested the new designs on different pages.

Aaron Danker, a well established graphic designer and webmaster, is the man behind this product and you can get some idea of the level of skill that he has in this area by simply checking out the graphics and video at http://ebizguy.me/blog/go/3dcreator

The software in 3d cover creator is compatible with any graphics editor and is primarily designed to help you with 3d eBook covers, software boxes, DVD’s etc. It operates on a point and click basis and can be used by the beginner and experienced graphic design artist alike. I found the simplicity of the whole process really attractive here because my skills are primarily in the marketing area and I’m not great with anything too technical or design oriented. Hope you can see that i am giving you an honest 3d Cover Creator Review.

After playing around with the software for a while I found that I was able to create 15 different ebook cover designs without having to install expensive action scripts and I was able to save a lot of money and time on trying to learn different action scripts too.

The whole process came down to 3 easy steps that I could follow when I wanted to create an eCover. Once I selected my eCover I was able to select any colours I wanted in the design and with a click of the save button all the work was done for me.

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