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YouTube Sharp Profits Reloadedyoutubesharpprofitsreview

This is a quick post to let my you know that i have added lots of bonus products to YouTube sharp profits reloaded, YouTube sharp profits course. The product is all about ranking your videos on YouTube and profiting from them. Everyone seems to understand that videos are the best traffic sources on the internet. Having this tutorial and then having videos to promote as bonus will make your “YouTube Marketing” journey very easy

When you buy this product through my affiliate link you will get the following quality PLR videos;

  • 100 Amazon review videos
  • 50 Weight loss PLR videos
  • 50 Internet marketing related tutorial videos
  • 32 “How To” tutorial videos

Get YouTube Sharp Profits Reloaded now and all the bonus products can be downloaded right after the checkout.

My Tips on how to rank your product review video

Follow these steps;

  1. Learn the basics of using YouTube Live Events (Do a search in YouTube and watch tutorial videos)
  2. Schedule a live event before a product you want to promote is released (Could be scheduled even after product is released)
  3. Before you record your live event, check if your schduled live event has ranked for the keyword you targeted (Usually “Product Name + Review”)
  4. If your scheduled live event has already ranked for the term, record the event at the time or even after the scheduled time.
  5. Do your best to give viewers the best review or best bonus deal.
  6. Better direct viewers to your site first and then to the affiliate offer
  7. Share and do some backlink building for prolonged ranking

Wishing you all success.

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