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Why should you learn how to repair your Xbox 360? Because by learning it you can not only save money but make some as well. Microsoft will ask you to send your broken system back to them for repairs and it may cost you as much as $140 plus the shipping and handling costs.

Also, sending it to them does not mean that it will be fixed because they don’t always guarantee a fix. About the money making aspect of this, well if you know how to repair a broken Xbox 360s then you can purchase some broken ones online at a discount price and re-sell them.

The 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide enables you to fix for the red ring of death with the help of videos, a PDF guide and pages online to assist you with the repairing process. The repair instructions along with a few pictures make up the PDF guide. The inclusion of a few more pictures and close ups would have been more helpful.

After becoming a member, you get access to videos that are streamed directly from the site this is great because it saves a lot of space on your computer as you don’t have to download the files. Another good thing about the video tutorials are the zoom-ins that allow you to know exactly what you need to be doing to repair your Xbox 360 properly. The video are clear and of high quality. The instructor guides you through the repair process. Once you have learned the process repairing you Xbox 360 will be easy.

However, the instructor does not talk throughout the video and you see words moving on your screen instead of talking about what’s what they are doing. It’s a better idea if they include verbal instructions because seeing the words and the process may be difficult for some. Also, in the member are there should be clear instructions on where to start with the list of files and videos.

Repair instructions for the red ring of death are not the only thing that you will get. You will also receive information on freezing, over-heating consoles, graphic glitches and the E74 error. All of the information is highlighted perfectly in a way that you can easily follow along and take care of the problems you are experiencing.

The quality of the videos included in the Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition is outstanding. The videos are in high definition and include complete step by step instructions. The instructions are given clearly and the speaker explains everything that he does. The videos are shot in a way that allow you to clearly see what’s happening and there are there are close ups where required. The videos are streamed directly from the website so you do not have to make space on your hard drive for the files.

The member’s area is also very well organized and upon entering it you will know exactly what to do. The Getting started section is clearly defined and following the directions you can go to the videos. You won’t feel lost in the member’s area when you are there. The actual repair process is easy to perform and by following the instructions in the PDF e-book and the videos you should be able to repair your Xbox 360 in no time. The actual time required to fix your Xbox 360 is within an hour according to James Dean.

The guide also teaches you to fix other problems that you may encounter with your Xbox 360. You get instructions on how to deal with freeze ups that can happen during game play, distorted graphics that you may have seen when playing a game with a lot of action, 2 red lights, 4 red lights and the E74 error that stems from the GPU and the connections to the motherboard.

If You Like It, Share It!

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