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Ther are lots of ways one can make money through autoresponders. The main concept of making money through this email marketing tool is the fact that you are able to set up a serious of follow up email broadcasts that will literally force the subscriber to pay you money. The first step of an autoresponder system is to grab the email address of your visitor. Then you the system is designed to deliver whatever email follow up is set up. Once the susbcriber confirms for accepting to be receiving the emails from the advertiser, the autorsponder just sends the broadcasts in a manner which makes the subscriber think that the vendor is really making the contact.

5 ways to make money with auto-responder;

It’s been proven that email marketing using the best autoresponders does work in helping you increase your earnings as a work at home professional. Many online marketers would share their tips on how to make an effective email marketing strategy or how you can use the best autoresponder wisely – but rarely do they tell you how you really can make money of your mailing list. We can give you five ways to do so, check them out:

  • Make Money Through Affiliate Offers:- there’s big money when it comes to affiliate marketing and you can make use of your email list to market the products you are affiliated to. Some people however do not appreciate an email containing straight affiliate offers and may even mark it as spam. The best way to go around this is by making a review or making a blog post that contains relevant information on how you can use the product effectively. You can send the link of the blog or the review to your email list using your best autoresponder.
  • Make Money By Selling Your Own Products:- if you have a manufacturing business or have your own products to sell, email marketing would be one of the best advertising method to use. But be careful not to spam your email list by doing hardcore advertisement on your email. You can instead make sure that they get valuable free content in your emails like videos, reports, how to training programs and the likes.
  • Make Money by sending your Subscribers to Another Website:- there are some companies who are willing to pay you just by sending your subscribers to their website or avail what they are offering. For example, if your email subscriber ends up downloading the free report that the company is offering, you get paid for it.
  • Make Money by Selling Sponsor Ads:- you can do this by adding a paragraph in your email which advertise a certain sponsor offer that contains a link going into their website. Usually, the bigger email list you have, the bigger you will be able to charge by helping them advertise through your email.
  • Make Money Through the Thank You Page:- when you get a new email subscriber, they will be instructed to check out their email to confirm that they are indeed subscribing to your email list. To earn money, you can make a custom thank you page where you can add the URL of any affiliate offer that wish to make money of.

Here i leave you to decide which auto-responder service you want to start using and making money out of them. They are really good online marketing automation tools that deliver your messages to your subscribers on time.


If You Like It, Share It!

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