Trustjacker Plug-in Review; Legal or Illegal?

Apr 28, 2014 | | Say something
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Trustjacker Plug-in Review

trustjacker plug-in reviewI bought the plug-in and would like to give you a first hand Trustjacker plug-in review here. The plug-in works by allowing you to disguise an advert of your choice behind a trusted site that you can confidently refer people to. Do you think people will check a link from trusted sites?

Well, most probably yes, and the only reason is the trust these kind of websites have among fellow internet users. Most of all, people will never think they will get an affiliate link at BBC or the likes.

But Trustjacker will disguise an advertisement of your choice behind the trusted site you refer people to and after they finish reading the article or watching the video, they click away. Well, that is when your disguised advertisement shows up, letting the visitor think that the advert came from the trusted site. Once the visitor gained the level of trust from the website you refer him/her to, clicking through to the advertisement happens easily.

Good you are searching for quality Trustjacker Plug-in Review before you commit to buy it think about the legality issues that may arise by using this tool. Of course, the vendor tells you that you should always get permission from the site owner whether to use the site in the plug-in or you may face legal consequences.

trustjacker plugin review

Trustjacker is a Copy & Paste system

If you couple this copy and paste system to an effective social media sharing strategy, imagine how successful you can be? And how much better you can make this system work if you build a responsive list in a given niche market? It is only a matter of good planing and Trustjacker will get you the level of income you anticipate for a little work on your part.

Want try TrustJacker?


One interesting and timely article about a hot subject in the media coupled with a free CPA offer is a winner. So what are you waiting for? You can test drive Trustjacker for $1 for seven days before you decide it is for you. Click the link below and go to the site, but don’t buy at the price you see on the site. Close the site and you will be given an offer to try it for $1. This is my short and precise Trustjacker Plug-in Review, hope it helps you decide.

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