How To Start Your Own Business: Rieva Lesonsky Review

start your own business book reviewIf you intend to know how to start your own business, but don’t know where to start at, then you can use this book “Start Your Own Business: The only start-up book you will ever Need”, by Rieva Lesonsky. The book is create by Entrepreneur Press and it is definitely a significant source of knowledge regarding starting an your own small business.

The publication literally takes you through the entire enterprise process, from determining if you really have what it takes to run a small business to how to deal with failure if the business does not work properly, and everything involved in between. The book goes into so many details and covers every little topic that starting a small business requires. There are so many other books and online resources suggested as well.

The book is broken down into ten sections, with numerous chapters. The initial section, ‘You Gotta Get started Somewhere’ addresses the question of how to come up with an idea for the business, and whether you want to do your business as a part time or full time. So many people find this step helpful as it shows them the real truth of starting a business.

The other section belonging to the book will be entitled ‘Building Blocks’. It covers the topics like; how to name your company, choosing profitable business structure, having a business package, and how to hire a new lawyer and also accountant. I think that this is the most valuable part of the book. These would be the things that many entrepreneurs also struggle with. The “Naming A person’s Business” chapter especially helps those who doesn’t yet have any idea on what to name their business.

Naming a business is not that easy as it looks. One has to consider the possibility of getting a brand name that is a good candidate for registering officially and getting a domain name for. One of the worst things that can be done is to choose a name which is already being used by another person and then enter into confrontations, with ugly court battles down the road.

The third section covers financing issues, such as where to get money to start and run your company. The final section, ‘Setting the Stage’ is absolutely massive. It covers numerous stuff such as buying a location for the business, creating a professional picture, offering shoppers credit, selecting your very first employee, along with business insurance cover and so on. All of these things are extremely important to every business owner who is just starting out.

The is yet another section that covers buying provider computers, cell phones, and cars. These things probably won’t be quite challenging for most companies, but getting a good guide from one that has expertise in the field is so essential.

There is a section, on the other hand, that covers one of the hardest things every merchant faces “marketing and advertising”. This section has jam-packed lots of information about advertising, marketing, and public relations. It also briefly gives directions on web-marketing. But as that is not the area the author focuses on, it is advised that other books should be used on that regard.

The final part of the book, entitled “By the Books” covers every business owner’s favourite issues, “accounting and taxes”. The idea gives solid advice related to basic bookkeeping, monetary statements, cash strategy, and taxes. For most companies this section along with the web resources listed should be more than enough to receive them started on retaining their internet business legally viable.

I can’t overemphasize exactly how important I believe it is for every company owner to own this reserve of pure knowledge. It is is surely a book one has to pick up to get everything regarding starting a business. Having that book in your possession will save you countless hours.

Anyone who can read and understand will be able to comprehend the truths and guides that are laid out in the book. There is no guarantee that those who read this book will have success in their business, but they definitely are way much better off than those who don’t have the knowledge within.

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