Different Advantages Of Being A Professional Beta Tester

Being the video games tester for a game developer isn't as quick and easy as some people think it is. Yes, it can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work too. Not difficult work, mind you, but boring and wearisome. The duty of a video game tester might get so boring that it can often leave you with a distaste for video games afterward. It's not the games themselves that are boring, it's the repetition that is linked to the testing process.

To extensively check an element of a video game, it is a must to play through it not once, twice, or even 3 times. Instead, you have to play through that level or area nearly a dozen or so times so as to ensure you've caught all the probable bugs & glitches. Seem like fun? Well, it is really not! After the third or so time, it just gets ridiculous and tiresome. However, if you can tough it out, the rewards are well worth all the tedious effort.

The Prizes of Being a Video Game Tester...

- Get To Play New, Never Before Seen (By Public) Video Games

- Receive a commission To Play Those New, Never Before Heard about Online Games

- Get Free Copies Of New Games

- Have Access To Cheat Codes, Strategies, Super Secret Levels, Grand Glitches, and More

- Get Practical Training of The Video Game Industry and get to know What Makes The Industry Go Round.

Do the rewards of being a video games tester measure up to those boring, tedious tasks? Definitely. But remember, to obtain those bonuses it is a must to push on through and never give up. Whether it be just looking for another testing job or finishing an area of a game you HATE, so long as you hold tough and keep at it, a successful job in video game testing will certainly be rightfully yours! And in truth, most people are willing to do just anything so long as they get even a small shot at getting paid to play video games.

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