Product Reviews Blog; Start To Build One For Yourself

Product Reviews Blog; Start One Now

product reviews bloggerThis blog is mainly about Internet marketing related product reviews and most of our posts are about digital informational product reviews. But here I would like to give you my best tips on starting and maintaining product reviews blog. Product reviewing is a well known niche and some bloggers make their living by reviewing physical products or services on their blogs. Of course, product reviews bloggers have to achieve quite a high level of trust among their subscribers, readers and search engines as well.

When starting out anything in life, we will not be expecting to see success right away. Same is true in this venture you are going to start. Though it is generally believed that it takes about six months or more to see your blog posts rank in the search engine listings, there are things we can do to speed this up. So, don’t be discouraged by the “Wait” time you are going to face. Let us start to list out some of the basics you should be setting up to start product reviews blog;

Decide on which niche you want to blog about

It is very easy to talk about things we know. If we happen to be among friends who are talking about something new, we just can’t participate in the conversation. Same is true in the virtual world. We can’t blog about something we have no clue of. What is your interest? Do you want to talk about fashion? or are passionate about food? With little soul search, you can find what you want to write about.

Get an expired domain name in your niche

Getting a new domain name is just a few minutes work. But new domains take time to build momentum among the thousands of similar domains that have established websites. There is a new trend now and that is getting a quality expired domain in your niche. You may have wondered if there are enough expired domain out there, but go and see how the market is huge and domains expire in their tens of thousands daily. Get the best tutorial on how to find the best expired domain and register it for your product reviews blog.

You must as well get your preferred hosting account so that you may host your domain there and install your site.

Install a WordPress blog or any other blogging platform you prefer

So many online marketers believe WordPress is the easiest and most robust blogging platform out there. Installing and making your WordPress live on the domain of your choice is just a child’s play. You can do it through the hosting account in literally few clicks. But, starting out on a new blog with fresh install is something that takes time to build up. The best way to go is to find a ready-made blog that has all the graphics, templates, links, social media accounts set-up on it.

I wouldn’t say you can find ready-made blogs in any niche, but surely know there are so many out there in the market. So, get one for your product reviews and install it on the expired domain name. But there is something you MUST do to the ready-made blog you just installed and that is re-writing the articles. Such blogs come with 20-50 articles already posted in them. But guess what? Everyone buying such sites is using the same articles which is a clear signal to the search engines that your blog is rubbish (Sorry).

20-50 articles on a blog are just too few. You must add more, each day if you can, and grow it to hundreds of posts. That is when you start to see targeted traffic or visitors coming to your site. Once you reach there, it is time to achieve what is in your plan.

Design your review blog in a silo structure

Silo is a sort of container that we use to store stuff for later use. So, a silo website structure is a design that puts similar information in a selected category. If your blog is about “weight loss”, we can call that your main silo. Then there are other related categories, Silos, that you can build to store related posts. I can build “Weight loss for men”, “Weight loss for women” and “Weight loss for children” under the main silo and whenever I post Weight loss for men related posts I store them under “Weight loss for men” category.

This structure gives visitors the ease of finding related posts. Search engines see this as a sure sign of quality design aimed at improving user experience. It is not just easy to build a silo structured website, but one can learn the art by watching free tutorial videos on YouTube and else where.

Building Backlinks that matter

If you are familiar with all the ins and outs of Internet marketing, it is then clear to you that the main struggle of getting free search engine traffic is the ranking issue. Search engines rank websites due to many ranking factors or algorithms. And the most part of these factors is quality backlinks. It is quite tempting to go out there are buy backlinks but there are clear dangers to this kind of proposition. The search engines could penalise your site for having low-quality backlinks.

The best practice is to build backlinks from quality websites with relevant content in them. This is not easy to find and if you get it cheap it could very likely be a black-hat trick. Most online marketers state that getting quality blog network backlinks is the way to go. You can find such services out there and they are not cheap.

The tips and ideas mentioned above will definitely help you get your product reviews blog up and running in a short period of time. You will as well start to see success due to the fact that you are blogging on a domain name that had some level of reputation already. Your ready-made blog is also another factor that facilitates your success as lots of design issues have been handled for you.

As an internet marketing product reviews blog blogger, I wish you all success and would be happy to help you in whatever way I can. You can use the “Contact Us” page to send me your request, so long!

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