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Jun 5, 2015 | | Say something
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rp_168000800f5c5cdd7974982c8d3e117f.jpgThis mobile web app (Free Trial) is a web based application that allows you to build your mobile websites wit ease. Now a days, if your site is not mobile friendly, then you are in big trouble with the search engines. People have shifted long ago to mobile devices and now even more of them are using their mobile phones and devices to browse the internet. It is very good that you have your businesses website up and running for your customers. But, they are now using the mobile devices and your site is not responsive to their devices demands.

So, it is time to think and plan about changing your site to a mobile friendly one. A mobile friendly website is one that can accommodate both desktop and mobile based browsers. If any person comes to your website through a desktop, then your site will display the desktop version. When a person comes to ypur site through a mobile device, the mobile device will show up. This way, you will never lose customers.

It is common for IT specialists to capitalize on this gap and they will probably approach you offering their service. Make no mistake you really need to change the website to a mobile friendly one. But, don’t buy yet their version of price list and things to be done. You will definitely end up paying lots of money for such services, when you can get it done cheap.

If you are one that ha a tendency to get things done by yourself, then this mobile app platform if for you. Once you get access to the platform, you will be given instructions on how to make your website mobile friendly. With little clicks of your mouse, you will certainly have a responsive website up and running.

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