Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly; Free

Make your website mobile-friendly; Free!

The whole world is going mobile and no wonder the internet is as well following suit. If you have a website of any sort and didn’t make it mobile friendly yet, you are way behind of the current trends. You just make your website mobile friendly now, or lose your space on the internet. Want to check if your website is mobile friendly? Click here.

Statistics shows that these days more people browse the internet through their mobile devices than desktop computer. The major search engines have changed their ranking algorithms to facilitate their users’ experience as they browse sites through mobile devices.

If you haven’t made the required changes to your exiting site but are still in business using your non-mobile-friendly site, you definitely are out of touch with your customers.

Your business is at risk if you don’t have a mobile friendly website

As a business owner, you should take this as a serious threat to your revenue. Making your website mobile friendly is not that difficult or costly as you think. If you have some knowledge of building websites or similar tasks, then you can do it yourself through web applications like this, (Click Here), that allow you to do so for free.

Free services have some restrictions on your website’s functionality or such services will set up an advertisement on your site.  It is fine to have other company’s advertisement on your site as long as it is not contradicting to what your business is standing for. If you want to eliminate such trouble, then upgrade your service and get an advert free mobile website for your business.

Any business owner or website owner of any kind should take this as a serious issue and fix the problem quickly or Google and other search engines will definitely downgrade such websites as being “Not well optimised” and exclude them from the free traffic they can send to them. Go click the link below and start to make your website mobile friendly.

Mobilize your website at DudaMobile

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