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Internet marketing product reviews blogging is popular

improductreviewsAs an Internet marketing product reviews blogger, I would like to show you what the pros and cons of this niche are. I may not give you a very detailed report on the niche, but would definitely highlight the most evident advantages and disadvantages. This “Product reviews” kind of marketing is practiced by so many online marketers through different forms. Some get it easy to write compelling articles that drives readers to the desired action, which is usually a subscription or a sale.

Others use videos, through optimizing and link building, to get to the first page of the search engines. Once on the first page, it is easier to guide the viewer to a desired action. Still others prefer to use social media, solo ads, PPC and other methods to drive traffic to their websites or affiliate links.

This blog mostly maintains the use of review articles to drive traffic to the promoted URL. It still incorporates the use of graphics, videos, social media marketing and so on, but mainly focusing on the articles. So, this post will mostly give you important points to apply to your product review blogging practice. First we have to be sure that the niche, internet marketing product reviews, is a huge niche that so many are still making their money on.

The market is growing and attracting huge number of enthusiasts who want to get their fare share of the big pie. Yes, there is money to be made by doing a product review of some sort. People these days will certainly go online and check for good reviews before they buy a product. This practice created a huge market you and I can delve in.

Pros of product reviews blogging

Now you saw that the market is already there and you want to succeed in this review blogging venture. But, be aware that it doesn’t mean it is easy to do or beat your competitors without a fierce fight. This online business model has been thought by different gurus and now it is easy to understand how to do it. You first go to a product launch site like muncheye and see which product you want to write a review about.

Then write your review taking the readers by the hand and showing them the important points that can help them solve their problems. Then offer irresistible bonuses and rewards so that they may not leave your site without buying through your affiliate link.

The format of a review article will mostly have the following;

  • The title includes the keyword which is usually “Product name+review” or “Product name+reviews” or “Product name+review&bonus”
  • The focus keyword will be mentioned here and there in the post (Not to over do it)
  • Affiliate link will be masked so that readers may not feel they are buying through affiliate link
  • Bonuses and other rewards will be offered to maximise chance of getting a sale

It is just very simple, isn’t it?

Yeah, this is the very fact that is attracting so many online marketed and bloggers to this business model. But its simplicity to understand and do it caused the problems. In the next paragraph I will show you the disadvantages of this simple internet marketing model.

Cons of product reviews blogging

So many newbie marketers will sooner or later will see how it is easy to do a product review and make money and they join the party. Many will quickly master the art and start to build up their campaigns, while hundreds of other newbies get to the same boat. Now, we have a hugely competitive market and it is almost impossible to rank for any kind of product review we want to blog about.

Thousands of online marketers will do the same thing you are doing and there is no way they will let you get to the first page without doing whatever they can to beat you.

As an internet marketing product reviews blogger, I have seen this time and again. The search engines are now looking to the finest and hugely popular ones to rank. Videos will rank very well, but the competition is even worse as it is easy to do a video marketing than write an article. If you still want to succeed in this online business model, you must try your best to stand-out of the crowd and prove to the search engines that your blog is the best to be considered for ranking.

Get a detailed guide on our Internet marketing product reviews blog success to maximise your success and stand-out so that you may be ahead of the competition.

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