Product reviews: Building Trust Through Honesty

Product reviews can be done for so many reasons, but what makes them so important is the trust they build in the people that get the reviews. In a time as ours, it is a common practice to go to the internet and Google whatever we want to purchase. From the list of websites that we get in our search result, we go through some of them and wonder if we are hearing the words of an hones reviewer.

Be it in person or through a website, it is quite possible that we are getting a biased and untruthful review. First off, it is very hard to confirm that the person doing the product review has tested the product at all. Second, we can’t tell if the intent of the review is to give information or sale other products.

Honesty and truth is the main single tool that enables people to build trust between each other. Once we found out that there is a little lie in a conversation, our trust goes out the window. But, isn’t it a common practice, in business, to lie? Yea, really tell a lie to sell a product?

It is very common to hear news about lots of frauds and mischief in the business world. The main reason for this could be the urge to get more  money quick and make life easier. There are so many reasons people tell lies and business is the main platform this experience is so rampant. Hence, getting an honest review of a product or service is really hard.

If you are a product reviewer of any kind, it is a real worry to you to think what your audience is thinking about you. They may see you as one that always tells the truth, no matte what, or as so many others that lie and get that sell or commission.

In the “Make Money Online” world, this practice is so widespread that whenever you start to read a sales letter, you know in your heart that  it is not the whole truth. Product owners made it a mandatory practice to tell half the truth and get the customer on board. Once they get that highly-priced email, they start the up-sales and down-sales, followed by life-long email campaigns that push products after products. This is nothing less that “ripping off” the unsuspecting crowd.

Same dishonesty and lie we see in business is so evident in product reviews you get on the internet too. If you see a product reviewer’s main intent is to make you buy the product, then it is highly likely it could be dishonest review. Now a days well known celebrities get paid for endorsing products. Why would any product or service try to get the endorsement? For the main reason that whatever the celebrity recommends, fans buy.

In the real world, we get very hones product reviews through friends, family members and work colleagues. Mostly these group don’t have any intent of earning commissions from the review or “Testimony” they give to their friends. They say what they have to say about a product or service without having no connection to the firm that owns the product. That is why word of mouth advertising is still working well in the time of supper fast internet, email, social media and mobile networking.

Product reviews should always remain to be as honest and clear possible. If a person has an intent in earning commissions from the recommendations, it has to be clearly stated. If you want to start a product reviews site and do reviews and recommendations be aware that honesty is the only weapon you get to win your readers hearts.

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