Product Review Blogs; How to start one

Why so many product review blogs?

If you are looking for product review blogs to find a good review about the product you want to buy, this post is not for you. But if you are searching the phrase thinking of getting some tips and ideas about product review blogging, this is the right content for you. Unless we specify the product and type of product that is to be reviewed, it is quite very vast to talk about the topic in one article. This post focuses on helping you get a product review blog of your own so that you may give great reviews to readers and be profitable as well.

The internet now is a medium that people go as a first option to get reviews and opinions about products and services. There are so many mentions of products, brands, companies and services on social media these days that it is one of the marketing strategy for business to be on top of these media outlets. Once the brand or company is taunted in social media, it is a very difficult journey to get to full recovery. So, it is a wise decision to be a product review blogger and help customers get an informed decision.

What to do to start a product review blog

First things first. What is the area of product you want to focus on? What is your interest in regards to types of products? It is not that hard to figure it out as we all have our profession, passion, likes and dislikes of things we do in life. What ever product line you want to write about, there are heaps of opportunities to get your spot on the internet and get readers and subscribers to grow your business. You have to start from the basics, what the search engines are really looking for.

Search engines are serving huge crowd of people that search specific words, phrases, called keywords. This should be the start of your journey. What is the main keyword you want to focus on? Unless you target a certain keyword that has a good level of searches per month and medium to low level of competition, there is no way people will find your content. Of course, if you depend on paid advertising, you shouldn’t worry about competitions and other issues. But if you are aiming at getting free search engine traffic you just adhere to the best practice of niche blogging.

Find your list of keywords that you can target

You just can’t figure what keywords are appropriate for you to target. Almost every serious blogger and website developer knows the importance of using a proper keyword research to come up with the best ones to focus on. You may not have a budget to buy a robust keyword research tool, but can get what you want by using cheaper options to get what you want. Fiverr is the cheapest place to go order what you want to be done. Cheap may mean poor quality, but not so on Fiverr. Lots of vendors on Fiverr are trying to establish themselves in the business they are conducting and they will do great job to get the best review and build trust. Which ever way you go, you must find these keywords that are rather easy to target and rank your posts for.

Build your review blog following a “Silo” structure

Ranking your posts on the search engines is an art these days. Writing a jumbled blog post about a specific topic and ranking on the first page for it is just impossible. Though we bloggers write our posts for readers basically, it is as important to structure them for the search engine robots. The top bloggers of our time use a “Silo” structure in their sites so that the search engines will rank them high in the search results. It is not as complicated for one to do, but is a challenge for beginner bloggers.

The concept of silo structure is to get the content of your blog in a well organised manner. This is done through giving the keywords a hierarchy and linking them as if they are in one silo. It may be a bit vast to explain it in this blog post, but will be very clear through the video below. Give your blog a silo structure so that when you crate content you will know where to post it. Once you organize the structure, it is time to write your content, optimizing it according to the keywords you are targeting.

Focus on creating content on a regular basis

This endeavor is one of the most difficult to do for most bloggers. It is well known fact that the more you create content on your blog, the better it ranks. But doing so is a huge challenge. There are times when you just don’t want to write anything, even worse, there are times you hate what you are doing. If you strive for quality, it is a demanding and tiring task to come up with the best content that readers want to engage in.

But that is what you have to do to succeed in this product review blogging. Get something that can drive you to keep on doing what you know is profitable. Once readers know your quality content and start to build trust, it will be easier to get the profit that you planned to get.

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