Internet Marketing For Introverts

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Internet marketing for introverts

Internet marketing is basically for people who want to hide behind a website and do their marketing through written words, video, graphics, software and the likes. So, we may rightfully agree that the title “Internet marketing for introverts” is inclusive of many in the cyber-world. The advent of the internet has brought an entire new era in human communication patterns.

Buying from a website where you have no idea who is behind it should be so scary, but it is very common practice on the internet these days. If you are new to Internet marketing, you might wonder if there is anyone who will come to your website and buy your products and services without knowing who you are. But be very sure that this is what people are doing day in and day out on the internet.

The realm meaning of the word “Introvert” may not be that clear. In general, it is a personality where the individual doesn’t want to socialize or interact with other people. Introverts would rather be in solitary that be in a group and socialize. Hence, Internet marketing is the right platform for these kind of personalities that prefer not to meet with customers, at least not in person. If you are thinking about starting a business on the internet and are mortified by the thought of meeting with your customers or audience of your website, then there are so many ways you can handle this online.

The main advantage of starting a website related business is the possibility of automating all the sales process without human intervention. Your website could be set up in a way that your customers will be funnelled through your sales process without the need of you or anyone being there. If you are selling digital products, then the product delivery could as well be automated. What else will make you so comfortable than selling a product or a service without talking to any customer? You just have to decide which internet marketing model will fit your personality.

We all have some sort of doubt when meeting with strangers

We all have some sort of doubt when it comes to meeting with strangers. As an introvert, the fear and uncertainty of meeting with others can even get us out of business quick. So, we have to minimize the possibility of a human interaction on our business website. Customers should be able to go through pages and posts of the website that will funnel them until they pay and receive their purchase. This can easily be done through designing your sales funnel in the right way. A sales funnel could be designed to sell any goods or service. The concept is derived from a “Funnel” which has a wider entry at the top and narrower at the bottom. This means you will have so many visitors coming through your front door and those people will be “Funnelled” through different steps that will filter those who really doesn’t need what you have. At the end of the funnel, you will have a handful of real customers that are ready to buy your products and services.

Most agree that it is wise to start your funnel by giving a free but valuable offer. We all are still crazy about free offers, aren’t we? Once a visitors of your website agree to give their email for exchange of the free offer, they will immediately be directed to a low fee product that is presented as a one time offer. The one time offer is the primary stage that differentiates freebie seekers from real buyers. Most will leave your website once the “BUY NOW” phrase is mentioned. But some will definitely go to the nest step and buy your one tome offer. They don’t need to talk to you or call you before they buy, your website is handling all the process through words, videos, graphics, timers, and lots of perks that will urge your visitor to buy.

Internet marketing is for introverts like you and me who hate to go out there and meet people and start the sales pitch. Even worse, going and knocking on doors hoping that the person answering the door will in some way want to buy the product we are selling.

If you are serious about starting a real business on the internet where all the sales process is designed and a human intervention is minimized click this is the right place to start one. Click here to learn about sales funnels and how to build them.

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