Use Internet Marketing Graphics to promote your offers

Internet Marketing Graphics and their use in online marketing

Internet Marketing GraphicsThis post is about using graphics to promote your website and offers through an Image ranking site i crated. I have done my best to give you a simple guide on using this Internet Marketing Graphics promotional site, but you will master the features as you start using it. First i would like to inform you that the website is a sub-domain of my main domain (, but functions on its own.

The website’s theme is “Internet Marketing Graphics” and it is intended to be in the Internet Marketing niche. Here is how you will be able to use the website to draw traffic to your offers.

Sign up  Free

Signing up is free, you can either use your Facebook account or sign-up through your email. After signing up you will be sent a confirmation and once you confirm you can sign in and use the site.

Create Your Images

Now you are a member, you can start to create your promotional images by clicking the link “Create Your Images”. Once you click that you will get a form that asks for “Images Name”, “Keywords” and “Description”.

Now this is the most important step in your promotion using images, you have to have some clue on how to use the form to drive traffic to your website. You have to use keywords to name your images, get related keywords to fill up the “Keywords” form and mention the main keyword in the description. The Internet Marketing graphics you posted will be indexed by search engines and  will ultimately rank for the keyword.

You better see an example below to understand how i promoted my blog post. Survival System Review/53494e4e519e5

I used a long tail keyword for a reason. If you are well aware of the ruthless competition out there on the Internet, you would definitely understand what i am talking about. The more combination of words you use in your promotions, the less the competition. But, you will also find targeted traffic through long tail keywords as people will search specific things using long search keywords.

So the long tail keyword I used is used as the name of the image, the main keyword and other related keywords filled up in the “Keywords” form and the main keyword mentioned in the “Description”. If you notice something on the description, I have included a URL, if someone wants to check details about the promotion. The URL is not hyper-linked for other users, except the admin. There is a positive side about URLs not being hyper-linked. If they are, the site will soon be heaven for spammers, which will tell search engines to get away as fast as possible. Few people just want to do the wrong thing and still expect to be in profit….doesn’t work for long term.

The best recommended practice is to have your own blog or lead capture page that has the details about your offer. Though the URL is not hyper-linked, visitors still will “Copy-Paste” the URL and check things out, if they see it as engaging or interesting.

There is a lot at stake on using Internet Marketing Graphics

Once you do your due diligence in targeting a long tail keyword and make every thing ready to be optimized, you go to “Category” section and choose what relates to your graphic. Then go to “Upload Custom Background” and click it. This will take you to image upload feature where you will select the image you want to promote. Few important things about the images you are going to upload;

  • The size must be no less than 350 by 350 pxl or no more than 500 by 500 pxl. If you select less size, it will be too small to fit in the frame, if you select large images, it will break the frame. So if the image you want to promote is small or larger than what is described, go to a free online tool i always use to Resize it. Go to and upload your image then resize it. Once you get your image to the desired size, “Save” it to your computer.


  • Never use copyrighted images as it will always have a negative consequences. If you have no idea on where to get Internet Marketing Graphics for promotion, go to any website that has affiliate promotional tools and use those to promote the product.


  • Strive for quality. If we are talking about images, you have to be aware of what makes people to go to your offers. It is mostly the quality of the image and the call-to-action you use that makes people to go to your promoted URL. You better create curiosity through engaging text to make visitors engage and also go to your offers and check it out.


  • Never use offensive or prohibited images. You know what i mean when i say this. Most websites never allow you to upload explicit sexual images or anything that is against the law. No adult content please, i will definitely delete such graphics if they start to appear.


  • Be kind to check on other’s promotions and help-out by commenting and sharing. Nothing works unless the search engines see social interactions on the graphics posted. There’s no obligation what so ever, but as much as we can better co-operate for success.


Enhancing your Internet Marketing Graphics before you post them

Before you save your image, check out the image enhancing features the site offers. You can “Add Text” and “Add images” to make the image you are promoting more engaging. You can see one example below, you can always do better if you come up with the best engaging post; Looking For Google Panda Update Survival Guide? /52ebac50c090f

Post your enhanced Internet Marketing Graphics and share

Once you make sure everything is optimized for better result, click “Save” and your image is live from that moment on. You probably won’t see much result for a while, but continue to share your image through social media and other sources you have. wishing you all success!


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