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Nov 16, 2012 | | Say something
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You are searching for Instant Affiliate link masker script for a reason. Affiliate marketing is a well known money making scheme that thousands are participating in. It is no secret that affiliates use a lengthy links to promote products and those ugly long links usually have a poor click through rate. Hence, there are hundreds of affiliate link masker services that are mostly free. But the choice of using an affiliate link masker script that you install on your server is no match to any other third party link masker service out there.

You can get dozens of link masker services but there is a clear danger to using them. The obvious being not having a total control on your links. You are doing everything to promote an affiliate product while using a shortened link. But the owner of the link shortening service may decide to take the site down, or make some other changes that re-directs the links to other offers. Then, all your effort is wasted due to the fact that you used a third party link masker.

Installing and using a link shortening script is not that difficult. Buy the script and follow the simple instruction that comes with the script. Anyone wit the basic knowledge of cpanel would be alright. But, even if you are not familiar, you can hire guys on Fiverr and make it done. Once you have your own link masker script, you know you are in total control of your affiliate links.

If you are using a wordpress blog, there are numerous plugins that you can install and use to mask your affiliate links. Masking affiliate links wouldn’t guarantee a sale or even a subscription. Nowadays, almost everyone knows the reason links are shortened. But, it is the norm of the business and you should really shorten or mask your affiliate links for successful affiliate products promotion.

If You Like It, Share It!

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