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Make Money Using PLR GiveAway products

Is it possible¬†to make money using PLR giveaway products? Well, the answer is “Oh Yeah!” because you are using the best “foot-in-the-door” strategy. Giving things away for free is the easiest marketing method on planet earth. People are crazy about things that are fee. If you happen to stand in the middle on a busy market and offer a free anything, people will definitely come to take it.

plr giveaway


Hence, PLR giveaway products are of the same nature. You give this products for free and design a way that will bring you financial returns. Designing such a funnel is not that easy. But with few basic instructions, you will be able to construct one.

The basic principle of this kind of online marketing is to strive to solve one problem that people are struggling with. If you happen to get a simple solution to an existing problem it is time to think to create your free giveaway product. You don’t have to create the product if you don’t have to. That is why most of us use PLR products. As long as they are of good quality and solve a problem, they are good to go.

This is how you benefit from PLR give-away products

  1. Let people download without any subscription
  2. Impress your readers with the quality of the content
  3. Give them a link in the report/video/graphics to go and get further information (You ask for subscription now)
  4. Once you get their email, follow up with your marketing emails

Unrestricted Private label rights products are one of the best tools you get on the Internet. It is not easy to find quality PLR giveaway rights products but if you keep on searching you will ultimately get them. The “Unrestricted” ones give you the ultimate power to do anything you link to the products¬†you download.

Here, I am offering many good PLR products that are of different niches and content. I gathered them from different websites, free or as a giveaway for subscription.

You may have your own plan of using these PLR giveaway products but the most common use is to edit them to your desire and put a bait in the report (Link for subscription). If you have to use them away after your visitors subscribed to your list, you have to set up a great sales funnel that will take them through the whole process.

Use the power of sales funnels

Sales funnels are always the best way to get subscribers and convert them to buyers. The Internet is crowded with free information on how to set up your sales funnel, but i would rather go for “Ready Made” sales funnels that you can plug-in your site.

Go download these PLR giveaway products, one at the beginning of this post, and do what you have planed in mind.

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plr giveaway

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Huge PLR GiveAway! Download now
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Huge PLR GiveAway! Download now
You may have your own plan of using these PLR giveaway products but the most common use is to use them as a free offer for subscribers, as a bonus for...
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