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Here i am sharing 240 PLR giveaway products

plr giveawayWell, i have heaps of PLR giveaway content to give you so that you may use them in your online marketing. But there is something that is obviously difficult in using PLR content. It is content created by others, which we have no knowledge of mostly. The content could be good or bad. It can only help our marketing efforts if it compliments our promotions.

What about the rights to giveaway PLR products? You see, it looks like the owner of any PLR content has legal rights to sue you if you distribute it without the rights. Let us be serious here. I don’t believe any illegal activity should be encouraged but the fact is it is foolish to think that all PLR content on the internet is shared through gaining “Rights” to distribute.

Internet Marketing Niche Has Heaps Of PLR Products

The Internet marketing niche has created tens of thousands of PLR ebooks, articles, graphics, videos and so on over the past few decades.  Lots of these products have in some way been shared without the legal rights. Has there been any court case regarding these PLR contents? I would say no. The basic truth is that these products are not produced with all the legal processes in place.

So, do i believe that we have to blatantly steal others work and use it to our profit? No, that doesn’t go well with any business in the world. what i believe is, if i get something for free, i should have a right to pass it to others for free as well.

What i am sharing with you below may not give you the “legal rights” to pass it on to others, but it is ok to do so as long as you don’t make changes to the content. Most PLR give away products are used to promote other products online. You can use them as bonus to your affiliate offers. They work well as long as you use quality and latest PLR products to give away.

Here are the PLR products

The PLR products you get at the end of this article are obtained through legitimate free downloads. I have never stolen or secretly used dubious ways to gain these products. I happened to stumble upon a blog that was sharing the contents free. To be honest, i have only managed to check few of these huge pack for their quality. It will be your sole responsibility to check the content before sharing it.

The files have been uploaded in Google drive and if the file size is above 30mb Google will warn you that they didn’t scan the file for viruses. Be assured that you are going to download only the PLR files stated. But just before you go to the free downloads…

Want to make money using PLR GiveAway products?

Is it possible to make money using PLR giveaway products? Well, the answer is “Oh Yeah!” because you are using the best “foot-in-the-door” strategy. Giving things away for free is the easiest marketing method on planet earth. People are crazy about things that are fee.

If you happen to stand in the middle on a busy market and offer a free anything, people will definitely come to take it. This gives you a clear understanding that giving away products works. But what you are giving away and how you give them makes a huge difference.

Use Commission Gorilla to stand out

If you are in affiliate marketing, there is no better way of promoting an offer than give away quality PLR bonus products. Use this tool to manage bonus products delivery successfully.


One of the main reasons of using PLR give away products is to use them as a bonus for buying products or subscriptions. Stand  out from the crowd by using top notch PLR giveaway products with the perfect promotional pages. Commission Gorilla is one of the tools that can do that for you! Check it out below.

Go download these free PLR give away content below;
Online video
Business-Success ebook Series Bundle
Internet Marketing For Today – Unrestricted
Dealing with Doubt Online

Huge PLR GiveAway! Download now
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Huge PLR GiveAway! Download now
You may have your own plan of using these PLR giveaway products but the most common use is to use them as a free offer for subscribers, as a bonus for...
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