How To Survive Google Panda Update

Feb 1, 2014 | | Say something
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How To Survive Google Panda Update?

google pandaThis post is not about How To Survive Google Panda Update showing you every detail. It is rather about affirming the best practices of ranking in the search engines. Google, being a giant search and advertising company, have to update algorithms every now and then. They have to continue to be the best search company in the world, which means providing quality search results. So if your website is packed with quality content, images, videos and links, why should you worry about How To Survive Google Updates?

No one can really show you How To Survive Google Updates 100%

The hard core truth, no one knows every detail of how Google updates search algorithms. Even though selected few know lots of secret information, it is mostly a complex issue that touches lots of ranking factors. Toy everyone’s surprise, it is only a matter of time before another new update comes around. It is a waste of time to play cat and mouse game with search engines. The best way to beat them has always been to strive for quality in content and links. Create the best content people want to read, watch, share and build links that relate to your website theme. If you keep on doing those you will not worry about How To Survive Google Panda Update or any other update for that matter.

Google Panda Update and the quality content puzzel

Writing quality content or shooting quality informative and entertaining video is one of the hardest and costly thing webmasters face each day. Using PLR content, spinning them, is not going to appease the search engines any-more. We must have a quality, rich, original content on our site. It is just a tiresome task to do all by ourselves. Outsourcing will always be costly as original articles are not that cheap.

The internet marketing world will always kneel down to any service that can generate a fresh original content that the search engines love. If you come up with a tool that can deliver original content with a reasonable price, you are a millionaire. This is a very tangible need that still hasn’t been met in a cost effective way. As site owner, you must take care not to load your site with PLR content that Google can easily detect. Your website could be one of tens of thousands that was hit by panda update. It is not a death sentence though. You can recover by generating fresh content and renewing your site to higher ranks.

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