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How to FTP is basically about knowing how to transfer files from your hard drive to your web host. Due to the rapid development of cpanels these days, it is not that important to use an FTP client to transfer your files to the hosting account. Many hosting accounts now a days can handle large file transfers through their own platform, hence made FTP software like File-Zilla obsolete.

Once you understand the basics of setting up your website and all necessary files to your host, thee is nothing that holds you back from doing what you want to do. All cpanels will have detailed tutorials to help users get used to their platform. Reading few articles and watching at tutorial videos will definitely cut it out. There has been, of course, many informational materials that have been catering to this specific audience and to be honest, they are really helpful. You probably want to know how to FTP files to your website anyway.

The major focus of an ebook titled “How To FTP” is certainly to reveal to you how to transfer files from your computer to your website. Your website hosting company must have provided you with a user name and password that you need to FTP to your website. If you are not sure of your user ID and password contact your hosting company prior to utilizing this guide as you will need this information to set up your FTP software application.

The first thing I recommend you do today is print this guide. You will certainly discover it much easier to deal with a printed copy while taking a look at your computer system, following along with each step and having the ability to compare with what you see on your computer screen and exactly what is on your printed copy.

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