How to Clean Smoke Damage Furniture and Restore Wood

Fire and smoke cause a lot of damage to a home. When a fire accident occurs, the most damaged items are furniture since they are flammable and porous. Cleaning the furniture after the fire is over is quite challenging as they absorb the smoke odor and stains. When such damage occurs, it is essential that you start cleaning your wooden furniture immediately and revitalize the original appearance of your furniture. Below are easy steps that you can follow on how to clean smoke damage furniture and restore wood.

1. Remove the soot 

The first step to follow during the fire damage restoration process is to remove the soot. After the fire, your furniture will be covered by soot and dust particles. You can start by using a dry sponge to remove the soot and dust particles. Wipe the surface of the wood using the dry sponge and rinse it. You should always ensure that the sponge is dry before using. If some soot and such particles are not removed using the dry sponge, you can use a vacuum. The vacuum will remove all the stubborn stains and soot. You should start with the loose soot before you start removing any other smoke damage. 

2. Allow clean air to circulate in the house 

After the fire is out, you should open the doors and windows of each room to allow air to circulate. If the damage is from cigarette smoke, you will need a fan to increase air circulation in the house. The process is essential as you will have clean air to breathe while inside, helps in odor removal and clears the house of any remaining smoke. 

3. Brush the wood 

Brushing the wood works well on removing smoke stains and soot. Before you brush the wood, use a damp cloth to remove any remaining smoke on the furniture. Also, it is important to ensure the wood is dry before you brush. To bush the wood, use a rough material from the hardware and brush the affected areas of the furniture. After brushing, you can apply a finishing material, and your furniture will be back to normal. For best results, wood sprays and cream restoration polish works best in wooden furniture. 

4. Call a professional to help 

Today, you will find many professionals that deal with smoke damage restoration, and they can help you to have your furniture back as before. They use chemicals to remove the smoke particles, odor, and stains on your furniture. They are readily available in the market. You can find one online, and you should select the one that is available immediately. Before they start cleaning your furniture, make sure that they use environmentally friendly chemicals

After your furniture has been damaged by fire and smoke, you do not have to replace them. Replacing your furniture can be costly. You can get your furniture back to their condition by following the above steps. Make sure that you check that all residues from smoke and dust particles are removed to prevent allergies. 

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