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Free Video Tutorials you can give away or sell (70+)

When it comes to internet marketing, nothing compares to video tutorials, which usually show how to do stuff step by step. Anyone will prefer to watch a five minute video than read a lengthy article. So the demand in this market has initiated lots of novice and expert internet marketers to come up with lots of video tutorials.

In fact, quality video tutorials are not easy to find, we get them in the market with a higher price. But there are lots of Free video Tutorials that give good information too. No one believes information has to be free on the internet. Time, money and resources are invested to produce the video tutorial, so why would you think it should be free?

The thing is, unhealthy competition is the number one enemy of all internet marketers. If you sell a product for $10 and give resell rights, you will soon discover the same products listed everywhere for much lesser price than yours. This creates a cascade of events where the only profitable way would be to give them free and build a subscribers list. This trend is more common these days and here i am giving huge amounts of (More than 70) Free Video Tutorials to build my blog’s reputation.

Free Video Tutorials are not worthless

The word “Free” is a highly misunderstood word i would say. especially when you come to the Internet marketing world, it is widely used to trick people. You see something advertised as “Free”, but when you go to the offer’s page you will be told it is only free when you buy this or that. well, i would say that is not a real free. But here, there is no such deceit and trick. You will only be asked to “Like” this post and the download link will be revealed to you instantly.

Even though these free video tutorials don’t cost you a thing, someone has invested time, money and resources to produce them. It is wise to give such products a due respect as they usually are useful to the market they are intended to. Check their content, watch them, try to verify the quality and truthfulness of the content, but most of all, think how you can use them for your own gain. most Free Video Tutorials come with resell and give away rights. They also come with their own graphics, which helps the marketing process.

Download Video Tutorials here

As an average internet marketer, one who doesn’t make any money but keeps on fighting for success, i am always in the look-out for free or PLR products. whenever i get good ones, i download them, buy them and subscribe to get them. I will even consider to subscribe in a monthly membership site when i see good products are promised as a bonus or main line products.

I pay and sign up, go to the members area and download, after i am done…..what do you think i will do? Yeah, CANCEL my membership. One way or another, i ended up having a bunch of good quality free video tutorials in my possession. I give them away for free here, hoping i am contributing to your success.

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Download Free Video Tutorials (Part 1)
Download Free Video Tutorials (Part 2)


If You Like It, Share It!

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