Free Internet Marketing Scripts

Download Free Internet Marketing Scripts

Free Internet Marketing ScriptsI am sharing many free internet marketing scripts with everyone that comes to this blog. There is nothing to hype here, just to let you know that i am giving away 26 free Marketing Scripts.

These are .exe scripts that you install on your computer and do what the software products are supposed to do. Excutable files are the most common types of computer software that usually work within the computer system. This means you have accept the fact that you are installing a software that can as well cause troubles. They are not well accepted by the online community as they can be used to distribute malwares as well. You have to take full responsibility to check if they are safe to use on your computer or not. Use good virus scanner to check if they are under the “Safe” scripts.

I have installed some of them on my computer and i would say i haven’s seen any problem in their use. They install easily and function without any problem. I have a full knowledge that i am taking some level of risk whenever i install scripts from unknown source. As of these Internet marketing scripts, i say the ones i tried are fine.

The free marketing scripts that are offered here are displayed at the image below. Their name tells what they do

Free internet marketing scripts

free scripts


You can Sell or give away these Scripts as you see fit

Anyone knows everything given free on the internet or the real world has a string attached to it. The string would not necessarily be money, but could be subscription, some kind of task, social media sharing, bookmarking and so on.

You can use these scripts the same way as many others are doing to build a subscribers list or social media followers. Go grab the Marketing scripts offered here and do get busy in planning to use them for your benefit.

The ZIP file is uploaded in Google drive and Google may warn you it not scanned for virus. If you have doubt scan them after download (They are not my products so I can’t say much in this regard. I am using some and they are fine)

Google drive may not clearly tell you where the download link is. After clicking on the link look for a downward arrow at the top or bottom of the browser, that is the download link

Download scripts below


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