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Backlinks with unique content

Free Contextual BackLinkIt is highly helpful if online marketers can find free contextual backlink building service that does the job right. Here, I would like to present you a good quality contextual backlink building service that I am using currently. Before we dive into the depth of the subject matter, i would like to show you how link building could be so confusing.

Websites rank in search engines mainly because of good, relevant, quality backlinks. If you go to Google and see what it says about building backlinks, it is clearly stated that they reward relevant, good quality links to a website, which determines the rank.

But what the search engines say and what so many SEO companies say is a bit incoherent. Google says “Link building must be natural” where as SEO says “Make it look like natural“. I have been confused about these two statements until I started to figure out what they both meant.

 Why you should build natural contextual backlinks?

Link building must reflect real connection

It is clear why search engines say that. They are service providers and they want to satisfy their customers by giving them relevant and quality service. So they are looking for quality, readable, meaningful, unique (Not duplicate), content with links to your website.

The best way to build free and natural contextual backlinks has always been writing original, informative articles and posting them to other relevant websites. This always satisfies search engines as long as the articles are human-written and unique.

But it is obvious it is time consuming, extremely boring and tiring.

The ever creative SEO agencies came up with so many creative (Deceptive?) ways of by-passing this hurdle. They want to make the backlinks as natural as possible. The main reason? It is very expensive to do the natural linking.

The latest trend is spinning articles and submitting them to hundreds of other sites through an automation software. Then it is supposed that all your backlinks will start to be indexed and your money site will start to rank. This leads to leads and cash, making you rich.

Hope that all happens that easy, but the truth is, it will never happen, or at least, it will not be sustainable.

If you have done article spinning through a software, you probably have a clear understanding that it will NEVER BE error free. Lots of junk and meaningless articles are published on millions of sites every day. Spun-content, meaningless, gibberish article. Why would the search engines give credit to that kind of rubish? I wouldn’t, no body will.

So what do we do to build natural contextual backlinks?

To b e honest, guest blogging is the best...but

I have asked myself how then can I satisfy the search engines request for “Natural Backlinks Please?”. This directly means I will be writing hundreds of unique articles by myself (Or outsource them) and post them to other relevant websites. Is there a service that caters for tis need? Of course, Guest Blogging. If you want to go for this service i will recommend a well maintained private blog network.

Posting on such blog networks most certainly will boost your web-site’s rank. One can as well try Fiverr gigs that offer such services. The greater the quality of service, the costlier it becomes.

Good quality guest blogging comes with a higher price tag. Most Internet marketers are not able to afford to get those services to rank their websites. So, is there any other service that can be accessed for free? Yes there is.

It involves human-assisted article spinning and posting them on others’ blogs.

I found a site that does an assisted article spinning through a spinner. The system makes sure the final content  is readable and congruent with whole article theme. Those articles will be moderated by the administrators and be posted on others’ blogs. Since the articles are spun with human intelligence behind them they are unique. Not that great top-notch backlink service, but reasonably good one.

What is the free backlink bulding system?

EZ  Article Link

The free contextual backlink building service is ezArticlelink. Get your free membership and set up your blog following their tutorials. Get to the members area and see how you spin your articles, how you enter your anchor text and start posting your links to others’ websites. You will be asked to set-up your website to accept links too.

The only thing that could come to your suspicion is the secrecy they keep as to their members’ websites (Or the websites your links are posted on). They do this for security reasons, but you can find out about your backlinks through Google search anyway.

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