Facial Exercises YouTube Video Playlist

This is a quick and precise post that focuses on giving you a very helpful facial exercises YouTube play-list. You can certainly do a search and come up with lots of search results that may or may not give you what you are looking for. But here, I am presenting you with a helpful play-list that focuses on facial Yoga exercises. The video is authored by Dr. Janine and goes through lots of important facts about the faceĀ  and how it loses its composure.

As we age the muscle mass on our face decreases leading to the sagging of the skin to the chin. Muscle is the main factor that holds up the skin to its place and the adipose tissue under the skin gives it the turgidity. Ageing then takes away the muscle and the adipose tissue and the skin can’t hold up its former place. It shouldn’t be a very big worry though as it is not a sign of any kind of illness. But women are very much concerned for their looks and want to look younger. This desire puts many into thinking that their failing facial skin should be fixed surgically.

Not so for many others that wouldn’t want to go under the knife. There is a natural alternative to strengthen the muscle and get the turgidity the face used to have. It is a natural way and takes time, but really helps. Surgical face lifts are not without risks and other related problems. So, i have posted these facial exercises YouTube video play-lists that you may be spared of searching and sifting through videos. Enjoy the videos!

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