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Easy Facebook Targeting Tool

The new Facebook Graph Search allows you to search for people using sentences like “People who like Michael Jackson and live in New York” or “Business owners who live nearby”. Facesniper benefits from this feature by allowing you to target super precise audiences directly from the Graph Search results.

Instead of targeting large audiences using the classic Facebook targeting options, you can now narrow your audience to only reach the most passionate users. This lowers your advertising costs and significantly increases your conversion rates. Groups gather people who hold conversations about a particular subject. The members of groups of your niche are significantly more interested in your subject then any other users out there.

Having an Easy Facebook Targeting Tool you can create an ad that goes like this

Now you can choose the posts that relate to your product, offer or service, extract the users who liked those posts and directly target them in your ads. You can also invite these users to like your page for FREE. Weather you have created audiences from passionate page fans, group members, event attendees, post likes or any other source, you can target those audiences on Facebook using Facebook Ads.

Super targeted ads generate top quality leads that convert, while keeping the cost of the clicks and impressions very low. Facesniper provides a “Popular Users” feature that allows you to find the popular users of your niche. There popular users are users who are already established and have a big audience of followers on Facebook.

You can make connections with these people, become friends or partners. Promote each other and make other win win deals. Once you create a targeted audience on Facesniper, you can choose to download their email addresses. These email addresses can be used to invite those users to like your Facebook page for FREE. Watch the tutorial below to learn more.

The system automatically detects when an audience is outdated or has new users. You receive a weekly summary of your audiences’ states so you can decide weather or not you want to refresh them. The longer you keep your audiences fresh and updated, the longer you ROI stays high. It just takes a few minutes each week.

We provide high quality video tutorials of every feature of Facesniper, Easy Facebook Targeting Tool

We are not only committed to bring our customers cutting edge tools for their Facebook targeting needs, but we also do our best so that our customers get a very confortable user experience while using our service. If you have any question or request, feel free to send us a message on our support page, we will do our best to answer you within the next 12 hours.

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