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The importance of search engine optimisation services (SEO)

Any mention of search engine optimization, SEO, will indicate that you are interested to get free traffic from the search engines. This is what thousands of websites are depending upon when it comes to traffic to their website. Paid advertising is one of the best and fastest traffic you can drive to your website. But that comes with a high cost.

Search engine optimization on the other hand can be done free, but takes lots of knowledge, resources and time. Though going the “Free” way seems easy it will at some point will be so clear that the task is so difficult to do it by self and getting an affordable service is a big time saver.

So, many are searching for affordable search engine optimization services that get your website to the first page of Google in a reasonably short time. I wouldn’t agree to some service providers that state they can get your website ranked in matter of days, even hours. Well, if the keyword you are targeting is of no competition it can be done easily. But don’t fall in a trap that will eventually hurt your business and money.

To find an affordable search engine service there are certain things we should be looking at before paying anyone to do the work. Search engine optimization in its entirety is not something i am discussing about here. It is so vast and technical that the most experienced guys are not even confident thy can tell you everything.

I see it as a decisive step search engine companies take to determine which website ranks where. Though you are so passionate about SEO, the truth is it is very hard to totally depend on it to do business online.

But if you are so enthusiastic about it and want it done on your site, then start asking questions that will help you see things broadly. The following questions should get an answer before you start to get an SEO service;

  • Is your site properly optimized?

Search engine optimization starts by optimizing your site. You should have built your site after getting a well researched set of keywords and arranging them on your site according to their relevance. Search engine robots should find your site properly optimized and well built that they can easily determine what the site is all about.

This is achieved through getting all the basics and applying them on your website. It is very hard for people who are starting out on this journey or for business owners who don’t have any clue how search engines work. If you are not sure how to optimize your site, get an SEO service do it for you, or get a proper education and do it yourself.

  • Are you planning to play by the rules or go black-hat?

Some of the black-hat SEO services that promise to get your website to the first page of the search engines are doing so many dubious things that will ultimately hurt your ranking. You can see a sudden increase in traffic and ranking, but sooner or later your site will start to sink down the pages of the search engines. You are lucky if your site is not totally de-indexed or put under penalty.

The usual way these services do is build so many back-links to your website through spun articles. These “Spun” articles are posted on low-ranking or even spammy websites and are so bad that no one will read them. The search engines are so aware of this kind of activity. There are so many other activities that are deemed to be black-hat such as using others content, spam-commenting on others’ blogs, abusing social media platforms to get backlinks and traffic and so on.

You can ask how a certain company is going to do your search engine optimization. SO many of them will use spun articles anyway, but make sure they are readable and build your links on sites that have higher page ranks. Be serious about the quality of backlinks you are getting or you  will seriously hurt your online presence among this highly fluid virtual world.

What is your price range that you think can afford

We can’t just ask for “Affordable” as that could be right or wrong from which height you are looking at it. If you can pay several hundreds of dollars for this kind of service then getting the service for couple of hundred dollars is affordable for you. Not so for others who can’t even pay one hundred dotards for it.

There are services on the internet that you can get them done for $5, and you can get some other services charging hundreds of dollars for the similar service. So, what is your “Affordable” price tag? Whatever it is, you must clearly know that there is a huge gap in the pricing on the internet. It is not a regulated as we can see in the real world. I can set-up an SEO service and decide to charge any price I see fit for my business. Best advice is do a little research before settling for one service and make sure the service has a good reputation

After running your SEO campaign, you would probably see no result immediately. This is how slow and painstaking the process it. You should aim at a very long-term plan and be patient with the search engines until they see your site is getting improvements. Once the search engines see that your website’s popularity is getting better and better, they will definitely give it a higher rank and send lots of free traffic to its pages.

Go do a research and come up with a well designed plan of an SEO campaign for your website which ultimately gives your site the ranking it deserves. You can read an article about e-biz solutions, which goes through doing some of your business marketing the DIY way or go through the main page that has details about ebiz marketing. Get relevant article on the topic here as well.

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