eBiz Marketing Through Blogging

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Doing eBiz Marketing through blogging

Yes, anyone can do eBiz Marketing through blogging. Internet Marketing is a very interesting subject to many businesses for the very reason that it is a highly effective tool to drive subscribers and customers with little cost. It is very exciting when you learn that you can get free traffic to your website through proper search engine optimization.

This blog is not that optimized and there were lots of things that went wrong in the past and not surprising that it is not getting good level of traffic as expected. As I keep on working on the structure, content of the site, it sure is going to grow in its rank and traffic.

So, what will be the best way to get your website to the top of the search engines for a specific search term? That is what this page is focused on. You may have seen that lots of your or others individual blog posts rank while the main site is not getting that great rank.

The main reason I wanted to write about blogging is due to the fact that one blog post can rank well despite the main page’s performance. I don’t mean to underestimate the power a well structured and optimized site will have on the over-all ranking and traffic.

I try to combine the two ideas, individual blog posts ranking well and well optimized site getting even better ranking, into this post and give you a guide that you can follow to do even much better than this blog is performing. I will take a keyword I targeted as an example and what I did to get you here.

I have a good keyword research tool, Keyword-Advantage, which tells me which keywords have a good level of traffic and their competition level. This should be the starting point of your blogging venture. Though you can get unexpected search engine traffic to your “Blindly designed” blog posts, it is not advised that you should continue to do this. The whole process of designing a blog post for a search engine free traffic goes like this;

Target a certain niche and focus in the area

There is no way you will succeed if you just blog about anything you think of. It is a great endeavor with lack of direction and purpose. You must decide what niche you want to focus your energy on.

It is advised mostly that you go for what you are passionate about. There are heaps of niches you can select for your blog. Once you get the niche you can work on, it is time to get the site up and running quickly.

Get a domain name and hosting for your blog

Unless you just start out on this “Online Marketing” thing recently, it is a well known fact that you should have a domain name and hosting for your blog. Domain names can be registered through domain registrars and hosting can be found with the same registrars or else where.

But there is a new trend in regards to domain name registration that many folks are claiming it is a must. You can get an expired domain that has a good ranking and traffic and use it to your advantage. I know very well that it is true and have bought some domains in the past. If you go for a high-traffic expired domain names, they are way beyond an average guy’s price range.

You should better be well informed of this trend or you will end up buying a poor quality domain name while losing lots of money. Watch the video below that shows you what to look for in an expired domain before you buy them.

Start with giving your blog a Silo structure

You may have heard this term mentioned before, yeah, it is the best practice of blogging these days. If you see how real life silos are structured, it would be easy to guess what it means in relating to your website. But, designing a silo structure is not that easy if you don’t have a little help.

I would prefer to embed a YouTube Video that walks you through to this “Silo” structure. This blog still has lots of things that are not well designed (Silo-structured), hence the ranking is not that good. Your overall site’s rank should increase so that your individual posts get good ranking for the targeted keywords.

The silo structure is supposed to appease the search engines’ robots when they crawl your site. They can see that it is a well designed and structured blog.

Come up with a good quality keyword that you can target in your blogging

I found “ebiz marketing” to be reasonably good keyword to target. I also found out that there are not so much competing websites to this keyword. Once i get the keyword, I will start to think what kind of content i should write around it and what benefit I get by creating content.

Ebiz marketing is at the core of all sorts of internet marketing activities and it wouldn’t be very hard to think of a content. I preferred to write about “ebiz marketing through blogging”.

Create a content that can grasp visitors’ attention and give them what they come for

The attention span of website visitors has shrunk due to information overload. As a visitor, you probably want to spend few seconds before you decide to stay or leave. So, there is a great need to grasp attention just at the entrance of your site. The title is believed to be one of the most important part of your content that you should spend enough time designing for it can make or break your click through.

Then, of course, you have to write your content by sticking to what you mentioned in your title. Though visitors click through to your post after reading your title, there is a great chance that they will leave as quick if the content is not what the title declares.

Follow a good format of optimizing a blog post or use a plug-in that helps

We, as bloggers, write for readers and search engines at the same time. If you want your post to get a good rank in the search engines, then there is no way you ignore what they require. I learned this fact through other bloggers’ teachings and trial and error too.

After publishing your post, you are required to share it to your social media outlets, bookmark it through many bookmarking services and build quality backlinks as possible. The less competition your keyword has, the less of the above you need. As the competition increases, you need more of those.

As a beginner or intermediate blogger, you are not advised to go for a high competition keywords. It is almost impossible to rank your post to those keywords. But if you come up with a low-moderate competition keyword and do what is discussed here, you will definitely start to see results.

The search engines are not so keen on backlinks, as they require you to get “Natural” backlinks to your site. But believe me almost everyone involved in search engine optimization is doing it. It has such a huge market that at times it is very hard to decide which to select.

Getting bad backlinks can greatly damage your site, so be very careful of what you are doing. I would like to tell you about “P1-Rank-Me” plug-in that is a well designed backlink building service. Once installed, you can build 12 backlinks per blog post. As you keep on creating many posts and getting 12 backlinks for each post, your over-all backlink will grow giving you a better rank.

Test and tweak after your post starts to get free search engine traffic

Getting traffic is not the end of your work. There are so many things you should check to improve your blog posts performance. This is where using analytic services is coming to the picture. You can use Google analytic or other similar services that show you how visitors are browsing your site.

You will be surprise to see that visitors have lots of intent when they arrive on your site. It is usually understood that they come for what you declared on the title, but it could as well be others reasons. So, you should constantly monitor your visitor’s activities on your site so that you may change and tweak things for a better result.

Once you master the art of blogging you can target whatever you want to so that you can market it through optimized blog posts. It is definitely a slow process that could be very boring and tiresome, but if you keep working at it, it will definitely pay off.

Everyone who does eBiz marketing understands how difficult adding quality content to a blog is

I think everyone who does eBiz marketing through blogging understands how difficult it is to maintain adding quality content to a blog. I personally have never been able to maintain creating original quality posts on this blog. I started out very good, but soon became devoid of initiation to write a blog post.

At times, months will go by without creating any post. Then the inevitable “PLR” content came to the table. I spun content, mixed it, made it bigger and posted it on my blog. Seems so easy and great solution to replace “No Blog Post” days. But sooner or later, Google will start slap your blog, where traffic and ranking will fall dramatically.

If you want to strive for the best blogging that enables you to be one of the best ebiz marketing guys out there, create original quality content. Your blog shouldn’t be laced with poor quality, wrongly-spun, duplicate content. Maintain the quality even though you are not getting higher ranks for your posts.

For many, it is a long journey of learning, failing and frustrations too. But don’t give up! Your hard work will finally come to fruition when the search engines see that you are giving readers the best quality content on your blog.

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eBiz Marketing Through Blogging
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eBiz Marketing Through Blogging
Yes, anyone can do eBiz Marketing through blogging. Internet Marketing is a very interesting subject to many businesses for the very reason that it is a highly effective tool to drive subscribers and customers with little cost
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