Easy Internet Marketing Anyone Can Do

Easy Internet Marketing? You Sure?

Easy Internet Marketing Since the dot com boom, so many have come to the internet to do easy internet marketing that would probably bring easy money. Some so called ‘Gurus” even tried to lure customers promoting their marketing system as a “Push Button” money making system that can bring revenue with little tasks to complete. Well, who doesn’t like to have that kind of business, where you work 2 hours a day and the business just becomes profitable and the cash starts to flow.

But the reality is so far away from that. You literally can work your but off doing endless tasks and yet see no money at all. Unfortunately, this is the real experience of many newbies who believed that there is an easy internet marketing system that can make them money while they become lazy and vacation around the world.

That being said, I would like to emphasise another factor that can counteract the norm and make you profitable in a very short time. If you can follow a tested and proven method where a successful online marketer has paved the way for you, there is a high chance that you can do easy internet marketing. Most of the tasks you do in internet marketing are attainable, but they all take much of your time. Time is the only variable that we all have in the same amount. No body has 30 hours per day or anything less or more than 24 hours per day.

Is blogging easy internet marketing model?

You can take blogging as an example and see how easily the tasks sky-rocket as you proceed through the success steps you should go through. You must start with a keyword research, then write quality content around the keyword, post it on your blog, share it through social media outlets, build backlinks for better ranking, capture subscribers through an autoresponder, build relationship with subscribers, follow up with them and try to convert them to customers, as you do all of these tasks, keep on adding fresh content to your blog so that your customers would get constant engagement.

Well, All those tasks will definitely wear you out and before you even start to see any success, you are bored and want to  quite. But what if you can do lots of tasks through a software? Yeah, there are lots of software products that take some of the tasks and do it for you. Or even better, what if you can outsource some tasks for cheap somewhere on the internet? But i would like to show you a better option.

Easy Internet Marketing models that are “Done For You”

When you see “Done For You” kind of business deals,stop and think. what is really done for you? There is a huge chance that some smart marketer has designed a business model that you can purchase a license and start using the system right away. I know one  business that you can literally start profiting from in few hours. It is not a conventional affiliate marketing system where you grab an affiliate link and start promoting it. It is more of getting the sales letter, the graphics, the mini-sites and everything, installing it on your domain and starting to promote it. See http://beginner-internet-business.comas an example

There is another type of easy internet marketing system I am currently involved. You buy a membership and set up your affiliate information in the back office. Once you set up things, you start to build your list promoting a unique URL. All subscribers that sign up through that unique URL will go in your member’s area. that is all you have to do. the system takes care of the rest.  The admin will handle your list building relationship and promoting affiliate offers through your affiliate ID. You can point out many dangers here, but for me it is as easy as inserting one of my emails in the system and monitoring what the admin sends to the list. My “control” email has shown me that every time an email broadcast is sent from the system, the promotion is using my Clickbank affiliate ID, check it at cbpassiveincome.

Unless we do easy internet marketing that is profitable, it is going to wear us out

These are kind of easy internet marketing I am involved in right now. I like the ease of garbing a “Done For Me” business in a box and installing it in my domain. Few minutes later, I have a fully functional website that can take orders and deliver products. Don’t be sucked into even harder internet marketing models which glue you to your computer screen but find which is easy internet marketing and stick with it.

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