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Where to Download Free eBooks?

When it comes to internet marketing, everyone will definitely be invited to download free ebooks that are mostly informational at the same time promoting products. Free ebooks come with different user licenses and most of them are produced to promote a business or service. The advantage of these kind of free ebooks is;

  • They are free (Free information)
  • They can be read on a computer
  • They come with links to businesses and services
  • They can easily be distributed

So where do you download free ebooks that can be used for internet marketing purposes? Well, there are probably gazillion places, but to save you time, i would like to offer them here.

You are going to download 79 ebooks with master resell rights (some of them are displayed in the slide below)

And 89 Unrestricted PLR eBooks

Download ebooks and do what?

That depends on how prepared you are. You see, many sales copies we read on the internet make internet marketing look like a child’s play. They tell you to do three steps and the money starts to roll. Wish that was true, but it is not.

If you don’t want to do much and create something new, then get a marketplace to sell these ebooks. You can create your own shopping cart through Oscommerce or any other service provider, or go to places like “” and list them. But be certain that the competition is tough and no one may be interested in your offer. But there are some disadvantages of selling the ebooks as they are and these are some of them;

  • The ebooks will alway promote someone else’s links
  • The content could be quickly outdated
  • The links provided in the ebook could be dead

Anyone buying these kind of ebooks from you will certainly be unhappy, and you may guess what it means to have unhappy customers. There is a better way of using free downloaded ebooks, download free ebooks you get on the internet and think what content you can create using them. Check this post as an example “7 Blogging eBooks and Video Tutorials

Download and create content

If you want to create something new, then you better create new content using the free ebooks you downloaded. Somebody already created an ebook, made a nice cover and went through lots of ups and downs to give the ebook to you. That is a real content creation path. But you Googled “Download free ebooks“, downloaded a bunch and went to a market to sell them, even without checking their content. That is too passive and is not much appreciated anywhere.

If you have to create content, then you have to think and plan on how you can use the information to create your own content. Content could be in writing, audio, video, pictures. One of the most widely used content creation system tens of thousands are using is blogging. You get an idea, a picture, a free ebook to blog about. Now plan and make a useful post on your blog. The search engines will definitely notice you quick and will index your post. It is only a matter of time till you start to get free traffic to your blog from the search engines. That is what i am doing here now, creating content fresh from my own mind.

Free ebooks i have collected through time

I will provide you with a link that will reveal lots of free ebooks to download and use as their respective licenses allow. I wouldn’t dictate what you should do, but would kindly advice you to plan and come up with fresh content creation ideas. You have to give me your “Like” before i reveal the download link here. Once you like my post, the download link will be revealed to you. Wish you all success, so long.

Download Free eBooks here (79)

Download Unrestricted PLR eBooks Here (89)

# Files are uploaded on Google drive and follow this steps to get the downloads

  • Click on the links (2 links)
  • Click on specific zipped file
  • Get the download link at the bottom right of the Google drive page (On firefox browser it is presented as a downward arrow)
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