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Apr 27, 2014 | | Say something
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If so, you need to understand it’s not your fault. You’re probably suffering from information overload, and we can help!

The secret to riding a bike is not learning the 10 steps to riding a bike. It’s not having a expert bike rider motivating you to ride…

We take a various technique. While the others provide you information and software/coaching what we do is totally different. If you ‘d like us to offer you a personalized 30 Day Shortcut plan, then click on the “Apply For The 30 Day Shortcut” button listed below.

Summary of my first 3 mailings; 964 clicks, 15 opt-ins and 1 sale! Russell, you and your program rock!! Congratulations to everyone out there in DCSX Land! Carry on going, carry on sharing and keep on celebrating. This works.

Today: really made a sell. And got 4 upsells. I have also reached my objective of 400 subs !! Just got subscriber number 400! Keep it individuals. The more you press it the more you will get!

Day 4: 1 totally free solo, 1 paid solo.about 69 decide ins, mainly from paid solo, and 6 sales. Good outcomes so far I ‘d day.

End of my very first month and have 560 people added to my list … If I work it best that must be $560pm to me … I prepare on tripling that number in my second month.

So over 800 clicks now, 47 optins, 1 sale, and a 500 click paid solo going out today. The finest success has actually been from The 1 other paid solo advertisement where I or my sale and all my optins from a 250 paid solo ad. 20 % optin rate, of those -20 % order page to buy ratio. Ideally his next solo advertisement will create 100 optins and 2 more sales which might cover my costs also … 1 upsell would not go amiss either! Here’s to all our success!

Day 4. 17 opt-ins (not all confirmed yet), 800 clicks and 1 $1 sale from free solo advertisements only. This stuff works. Even from Sweden!:–RRB-.

Wow made my first sale evr online the other day after 2 years of trying stuff, only 14$ however enuff to see that something works:-RRB- one question, I’m getting traffick however very few optins, 139 clicks from paid solo advertisements and about 400 clicks from complimentary advertisements up until now and only 15 optins? is this regular or am i doing something incorrect with my squeezepage possibly?

Excellent early morning and I hope everybody had a fantastic Easter Sunday, I inspected my account today and did extremely well. I had 3 sale and 22 customers. The program does work however you have to put your finest foot forward. Thanks Russell and the Dotcomsecrets X household.

So I’m getting in day 4. My solo ad person, and I played Skype tag a few times, but I lastly was able to get him my swipe copy. He is going to run the advertisement tomorrow, however up until now I currently have 48 clicks 14 opt ins.

If You Like It, Share It!

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