Not Selling Weight Loss PLR eBooks Bundle Anymore

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Huge Weight Loss PLR eBooks Bundle: Get Them As Bonus

This is an updated post about weight loss PLR ebooks bundle i have been selling for some years through this blog post (True!). I don’t want to make a false impression as to mean that i have made a lot of money out of this bundle, but is very true that i have sold a reasonable volume since my post ranked few years ago.

You may doubt if the statement i just made is true. Well, i don’t blame you. Internet marketing has been tarnished beyond repair and it is so common to hear people talk about making “6-7 figure” income doing nothing. It is possible, but highly unlikely for an average guy like you and me. The main success of my sales came from the higher rank this post achieved to “Weight Loss PLR” and related keywords. You probably found me here while searching for same.

Now i am coming up with even a very interesting offer. I stopped selling the bundle altogether. I want to give them as free bonus for those who buy a better targeted niche PLR bundle currently on dime sale in JVZOO. If you come to buy weight loss related PLR products, then this is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Go below and see what my bundle consists. I have been selling this bundle for $9.99. Now, see what i want you to buy so that you may get all my “Weigfht Loss PLR” package as a free BONUS.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this great marketing tool that has been smartly created and packed for you and start to promote through many traffic driving techniques you can implement. I am a live proof that it is possible to make some money online. Search engine optimization takes time but will definitely work in the long run. If you see this post rank for the keyword i just mentioned, you wouldn’t doubt that i have great chance of making money.

My weight loss plr bundle has already been uploaded in JVZOO system and once you buy the product i just mentioned above through the link i provided, you will be directed to the bonus download in JVZOO. No waiting for my email or any other hassle!


How to use my weight loss plr bundle?

So many people are stuck in a sedentary life style, eating and doing nothing. Do these people need help in reducing their body weight? Would they be searching the Internet for informational products regarding weight loss? We all know the answers for both questions will be a big YES.

So there is no question the market is there and there is no question either to the toughness of the competition between marketers. Giving away free, but valuable, report will always give us an upper hand in this fast-changing digital age. Get a domain name, hosting, autoresponsder and start your campaign. Once you set up your income funnel system, it will be a matter of time before you start to see results. Use some of the free Weight Loss PLR eBooks to build a responsive e-mail list.

Sell these Wt Loss eBooks as is

If you can afford paid advertising, then you can start getting sales in few days. But if you rely on free search engines’ traffic, then you have to wait till your posts get to the first page of search engines. Once your promotions start to rank for keywords, then you can say your success is on the horizon. Go grab Men’s Health And Fitness With 200+ Pieces Of Content below!

The following are weight loss PLR products i bundled up for you as a bonus.

33 Weight Loss PLR eBooks

Collection of weight loss ebooks that come mostly with resell rights license. some would definitely have giveaway license.

33weight loss ebooks


7 Warrior Workout Videos

7 workout videos that teach users how to do a quick and effective weight loss workouts for people who don’t have much time to do lengthy exercises.


Body Mass Index Calculator Software

This software is installed on a computer and calculates a person’s BMI. BMI is the core of any weight management plan which focuses on identifying the person’s weight in proportion to height.

# Weight loss and related niches are ever green markets that always have buyers and subscribers. Having these tools will enable you to benefit from the knowledge in their content and also make profit if you plan to use them as marketing tools.


50 White Board Weight Loss PLR Videos

These are collection of Weight Loss niche videos that are great in quality and good for video marketing. They are very short videos that are mostly less that 1 minute. But don’t disregard their power when properly used for video marketing. I have already ranked one of these videos on YouTube for “Eating Small Meals” and related keywords.


15 High Quality InfoGraphics

These are collection of quality infographis that are ready to be used for marketing on image sharing websites like Pinterest and others. You can edit and use them as you wish too. You can give them away as bonus. They are on different topics, with catchy titles, so they will get you traffic from sharing them on social media sites like Facebook.


Six Pack Abs PLR Bundle

This is a quality PLR product on a profitable niche “Six Pack Abs”. The bundle has high-resolution graphics, ebook and sales website. One can easily install the site and start to make money out of this product.


15000 PLR Articles

This is a huge pack of PLR articles in as many niches you could imagine exist. It has heaps of weight loss related articles too. They are good source of content if you can mix/spin them and use as blog posts, or even be creative and make slides that you can use as videos on YouTube.



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Not Selling Weight Loss PLR eBooks Bundle Anymore
I am not selling this weight loss PLR eBooks bundle anymore. I have decided to give them as bonus for buying a very targeted niche PLR bundle. See the offer
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