Blogging for a Living; Is It Possible?

May 18, 2009 | | Say something

Blogging for a living is a long but attainable journey

SocialmediajobsBlogging for a living is something most online marketers want to do. But it has its own challenges and the competition is always growing. There are some elite bloggers that are well known on many online forums and social media sites. These guys are really making huge amount of money just by blogging about what they are passionate about.

The main business model of blogging for income is to create an interest among people about a specific subject and gathering as much readers and subscribers as possible. Then, it will be very easy to write something that specific group is passionate about and they will come in huge numbers and interact with the post. The more the articles you published get comments and shares, the more they grow in their power to rank on the search engines.

You can make your blog a pure information/entertainment site that people will read for the enjoyment of it. A blog with a reputation can attract advertisers, just as any newspaper or magazine can. If your blog gains a reputation for being something that a lot of people read, advertisers may well approach you, or you can approach them offering a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get their product advertising space somewhere people are likely to look. This can be enough for an individual to live on, although this is not going to happen instantly.

Alternatively you can use the blog as a way of promoting a more conventional business. Blogs are easily navigable sites that are equally easy to update. So it is not necessary to have any great knowledge of internet technology to keep one running, and to use it as a way of bringing customers through the door. Then all you need to do is have something they are prepared to pay for – and that can be almost literally anything.

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