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Apr 29, 2014 | | Say something
If You Like It, Share It! reviewThis post is about Review which is an Instant Bulk Email Advertising Service. I have bought the membership some years ago and started using it right away. The membership has some useful tutorials, resources and a service that allows you to blast your email to the owner’s list database, which you have no way of knowing how real it is.

You can create an email campaign and send it and you will get a confirmation that your email is sent to the your selected category of the database. Well, you will definitely be disappointed if you are in high expectation of the results. I first thought that all my marketing struggles are over as i can send 1 email a day and make a decent income from the promotion. You can’t achieve that result with services.

So, why sign up and lose your hard earned money? I wouldn’t like to totally rubbish the service, but it is clear that the set up is not that good. You don’t have any way of knowing if the service owner has huge database of email subscribers, you don’t know lots of things that should be right in email marketing. At the end of the day, you will get little to no response to your email campaigns. I reckon that they could have lots of safe lists, which is well known to be of very low response to your marketing.

You can give a try though. This is just my honest review and i could as well be wrong in some aspects. A one time fee will give you a lifetime membership and the other resources are worth for that one time fee. If you are serious about doing an effective email marketing, it is always good to have your own, opt-in, email list that you can market as you wish. Heaps of resources are available in list building techniques and you can find them all over the net.

If You Like It, Share It!

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