Best Website Traffic Generation Technique

Best Website Traffic Generation Technique

presscableforinternetmarketingThis article is about the best website traffic generation technique, press release, that spreads your content throughout many influential news portals.  Though there is only little work on your part, most press release services are  very effective in sending your press release to the best news portals on the internet.

Most are highly-priced though, which means you have to pay hefty fees. PressCable on the other hand is modest in its pricing and is as effective in getting the job done. I have a hands-on experience of this press release traffic technique and would like to show you what i found out to be useful.

The reason i call it “The best traffic generation technique” is for the very fact that it really gets you targeted traffic from the search engines with little work on your part. I signed-up when the service started few years ago and was in a monthly subscription. The membership has lots of tutorial videos on how to get the best of your press release. So, let us see what you are going to get through this service;

  1. You will get a membership that allows you to publish your articles through several news portals (Hundreds). You will get a detailed report after the release and see which sites published your news.
  2. The Admin will manually check your press release and drop it if it doesn’t meet the required criteria.
  3. Your news will get on the first page of the search engines, especially Google, from few days to some weeks, depending on the level of the competition.
  4. You can buy credit and release as many news as you want.

The traffic is coming from the search engines, through ranking for specific keywords. You may ask why these press releases rank so high, at least for few days? The secret is, the platforms your news is being published at. Some of the platforms are really high-authority sites that have thousands of visitors per day. When Google finds out that your article is published on such sites, it gives it a higher rank.

But here is the puzzle that i couldn’t solve. I have published 6 press releases since i bought the membership and didn’t get any significant financial gains from them. I have definitely seen my releases get on the first page of Google right after the article is published. That by itself is so exiting and motivating, when you see your work get listed right on the top of every related website out there.

But what is the use if that doesn’t convert to money? I would say one has to learn the best tricks of getting the right keywords before jumping into this best website traffic generation technique. The  video i posted below is a recent training of PressCable and it has lots of tips that are helpful for those who want to give it a try. Go watch the whole video and see if you can make something out of this.

You may want to give this service a try and i would tell you that you made the right choice. There are so many similar services out there if you have no such big budget for your online marketing. But when it comes to PressCable, i am a true witness that it does what it promises to give you.

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