Best SEO Services; What You Should Be Looking For

This post is not intended to tell you all the details of search engine optimisation techniques or giving you list of the best seo services in your area. It is instead about giving you the best tips about what you should be striving to find in best seo services out there. As it is well known, there are so many seo companies that deliver crappy services that will eventually harm your ranking. What they mostly do is use a software to build your backlinks and create thousands of them in a very short period of time. Sooner or later you will notice your ranking dropping fast and your site losing traffic significantly.

If you are looking for the best seo service to give you the ranking your deserve, then look at these facts and be prepared to apply them in your requests.

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Best SEO Starts with on-site optimisation

All search engine optimisation starts by making sure your site is properly optimised for the keywords you are aiming for. If you are a well trained webmaster or blogger, then this matter is easily managed by yourself. But there are so many website owners that have no clue to what optimisation is. I have no expertise in the field to tell you every detail, but have a level of experience that has clearly shown me the importance of it. I am speaking from the stage of “Those-Who-Failed” in the internet marketing field. It is moderately optimised as of now, hence traffic is scarce.

I started out blogging for income few years ago, thinking that it only takes to post my articles for the search engines to rank them. What a full i was. After lots of DIY optimisation activities of my blog (The one you are reading now), i can now see how it is very difficult to achieve a good ranking without proper optimisation. Don’t get me wrong, I have also used an seo service that helped me build the links that are required for ranking. But issues always arise that relate to the first stage of on-site optimisation.

Proper optimisation always is the beginning of your journey. So, when looking for the best seo services to get their help, look for those that mention things about optimising your site first.

Best SEO service will get you out of penalties

Google being the largest and well known search engine in the world, it is a common experience of many seo services to give advice and service about getting out of Google penalties. Google always changes its algorithms and penalises those that will not comply with the change. For example Google has made mobile friendliness of your site as a ranking factor recently. If you are one of many smart webmasters, you have probably made your site mobile friendly. If you didn’t, then your ranking has greatly been affected lately.

There are lots of penalties Google released after updates that are greatly affecting your rankings. Get the best seo service that will uncover a penality in your website and help you recover ranking.

Best SEO advice is to have buffer sites to your money site

As to my little knowledge and experience in the field of search engine optimisation, it is smart to have buffer sites for your main site, or money site as they call it. If you are selling t-shirts from, then that is your main money site. Building backlinks and all sorts of seo activities towards your may seem right, but not so as to the best seo advice. If something goes wrong in the process, the search engines are going to be very unhappy about and penalise it for good.

So, some expert seo guys advice you to have some buffer sites to control link building. Site1, site2, site3 site4, pointing to, will bear all the seo onslaught. The search engines will probably hate anything to do with seo, hence most seo services state they will make it look like natural. If something goes wrong in this “look like natural” seo magic, then the buffer sites are getting the penalities. You have full control on the links of the buffer sites and it is easy to delete or alter the links as desired. Not so when the links are built in others’ sites and they all point to your money site.

I would like to summarise this by underlining the main points you should be looking for in the best seo services. Start with optimising your site, make sure your site is not under penalty and get some buffer sites and make your money site immune to the search engines crazy algorithm changes.

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