Advertise Your Business On Facebook Groups

How To Advertise Your Business on Facebook Groups

advertise your business on facebook groupsHere is my short review on how to advertise your business on Facebook Groups. On this post I would like to give you a brief information on how to advertise on Facebook groups for better results. I advice you to think about automating/out-sourcing the whole process, or be prepared to be board or exhausted from lots of mind numbing work.

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This free advertising method, FB group advertising, has been around for many years now and so many online marketers use it to get sales and leads. But there are few things that one has to be aware of and do before starting advertising on Facebook.

Advertising your business on Facebook groups takes time initially. You have to go through some set-ups before you are ready to go. but once you set-up what is required, it is a matter of designing an interactive and viral ad and posting it to many Facebook groups as possible. So let us go trough what I would say are the steps to advertise your business on Facebook;

Advertising your business on Facebook Tips

  • Must start by joining Facebook Groups

There are countless Facebook groups that allow you to post your advertising for free. But first you have to “Request” to join that specific group. It takes some days for some admins to approve your request, but others can also approve you right away.

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  • Read their advertising policy

It is wise to be aware of some of the rules that some group admin’s set-up or you may be banned from using the platform. See what their advertising policies are and play by the rule as much as possible.

  • Work From Home_19Start posting your ads being aware that the response rate could be low

Everyone going to these Facebook groups is aiming at posting free ads on Facebook groups and there is no intent for many to even notice your ad. Though it is a highly populated social media people coming to this kind of groups have one thing in mind and that is to advertise their business.

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  • Must use images and videos to stand out

If you go to a marketplace that everyone is trying to sale to everyone what do you think will give your advertising an upper hand? Well, that is the environment you are heading to, but worth trying as it is a free advertising platform. Use images and even videos with your advertising as possible because they increase your ads’ visibility. This is mostly believed to be the best way to advertise your business on Facebook groups.

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  • Automate ad posting through “Facebook Group Poster’ services

One Facebook group that allows users to post their ads would probably have tens of thousands of members, say 20,000. If you join 10 similar groups, then you have an audience of 200,000 to advertise to (Free). But you must spend lots of time to post your ads manually to each wall and this takes some time. If you join hundreds of such groups, then there is no way you could handle posting manually. This is where “Automated” Facebook Group Posters will come to your help.

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  • Buy a Facebook Group Poster script and use it on your own domain

The cheapest way to manage your own Facebook group advertising will be to buy a group poster script and install it on your own domain. Doing so will allow you to be in total control of what and when you advertise. Installing such script is not that difficult, if it is then there will always be a helping hand somewhere. You would get detailed instruction on how to install Facebook Group Poster script when buying one.

Head to Fiverr, the cheapest market for internet marketers, and find your Facebook group poster script and you are good to go.


Get a well established Facebook Group Poster service else where and blast your ads to Facebook Groups.

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