Advertise Your Business On Facebook Groups: Easy guide

Ways to Advertise Your Business on Facebook Groups

advertise your business on facebook groups

The main idea of planing to advertise your business on Facebook groups is fantastic. Everyone knows that Facebook is a traffic giant. The main Facebook platform allows you to advertise your business through Ads. But advertising to groups is not that easy. This post will be focusing on the “Groups” platform which gives you access to free advertising.

So, let us see which Facebook group advertising method is really effective.

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1. Establish your own Facebook groups

Can be done by anyone for free

fbadvertisingThe first method of advertising on Facebook groups will be establishing your own group. If you have time on your hands and want to work harder, it is quite possible to start several Facebook groups. But one can easily understand how hard it will be to populate those groups with enthusiastic and engaging members.

It may happen for those who already have so many connections, friends, Facebook pages and so on. But for an average person who has regular presence on Facebook, it is a daunting task.

See you can start Facebook groups and make those groups grow faster and stronger. There are so many helpful articles and videos that can guide you through steps to achieve that goal. If you don’t have so much time on your hand and don’t want to struggle, then move on to another method.

If you are determines to go this way, then make sure you start a group after a good planing. Start by inviting one of your friends and make the group to be a closed group. Making it open for everyone will make the group a playing ground for spammers and Internet strolls.

Keep on growing the group through invites. Keep them engaged by giving away free but valuable content. Once you strike a cord with group members and they like your content, it will be much easier to advertise your business.

2. Join several Facebook groups in your niche

Time consuming but still free

The other method that most marketers use to promote their business on Facebook groups is by joining several groups. They then start  to post content. After they built trust, the start to promote. By far, this is the most effective  method that will give you a fast access to free advertising platforms. You must start to join Facebook groups in your desired niche.

You may be aware that to join any Facebook group, you just first ask for permission. The admin of that specific group will give you access  sooner or later.

There are tens  of thousands of Facebook groups out there that are very glad to give you access. If the groups are tuned to be advertising platforms, it is much easier to start to promote your offers right away after you join the groups. If the groups are more of discussions and exchange of ideas, then be careful not to start promoting. This will make your membership to be canceled by the admins.

What ever type the groups may be, the main activity of promoting businesses and offers on Facebook has one big problem. The feature is clear to all regular Facebook users. You may have seen how fast posts get buried under other new posts that come along like one after another. You post your ad on a group now and after a while it is no where to be seen.

To combat this problem it is advised that you post your ad several times.  Do this until it gets the desired attention and clicks. Make sure the group allows to post multiple posts of the same ad.

To be effective on this venture, you must do the following

  • Join as many Facebook groups as possible in your desired niche market
  • Use a third party software to blast your ads on auto-pilot
  • Advertise more often to prevent your ads from being buried under other posts
  • Use highly engaging images and videos to stand out from other ads

There are several third party Facebook group auto-poster scripts out there. What they basically do is, use your profile to post ads on the groups you joined. This is mostly done on auto-pilot. This is what you have to plan to use to be successful in this venture.

Posting ads manually to all the groups you joined, several times in a day is a real hard and boring work. You must be a super human to continue this activity day after day and be successful.

One last reminder about this automated Facebook groups advertising method

Don’t for one minute think that Facebook will be happy about any kind of Auto-Posting business you do on their platform“. They are always on the look out for ways to block such users from their platform. So, it is very important to be very watchful of what you are doing through those auto-poster scripts. Moderation in your posting is the best way.

Some third party software products will do everything in their power to keep your profile from being banned by Facebook admin. Once Facebook blocks you from their platform, it will be very hard to get the access back. This is the power they have over us. They can block anyone they want to and they don’t give a damn about your business at all.

Facebook Groups Auto-Poster is one platform that has a track record of success in this regard. You can have a trial access to their platform for $1.

3. Use third party advertising services

Comes with a cost but takes away all the waiting

The last method to advertise your business on Facebook groups is by using other services that serve this need. If you are familiar with Fiverr, then you know how to get guys that can help you out on this regard. Head over to and search for gigs that promote to Facebook groups. You can easily find a handful who usually try to get your attention through overly-hyped titles.

You may see things like, “I will promote your business on Facebook groups with millions of active and engaging users”. Well, you may find some gems among the rubble, but it is mostly agreed that such services will not give you the best results.

It is time to decide now if you have to peruse this Facebook Group Advertising or not. If you want to give Facebook groups advertising a try, then chose which way to go. Either you chose to join groups and later promote, build your own group or let someone take care of this.

Hope this guide gave you a good information regarding advertise your business on Facebook groups. I would be very happy if i can have your comments, likes and shares. Cheers!

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