15100 Free PLR Articles; 100 in Embarrassing Niche

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15100 Free PLR Articles

freeplrarticlesThis could be the biggest collection of Free PLR articles you came across. There are some larger bundles out there but they would definitely come with a price tag or a catch of some sort. Here, you will download them free, no hassle.commission gorrilla

Downloading and storing PLR articles and related products would do no good to you. You must come up with a plan to use them. Copying and pasting them on your blog is the worst thing you do to your online presence. So, you must come up with a better plan to make them useful. Here, you will get one of the common ways of using PLR articles, “spinning”, but with a different approach.

Make the best use of these PLR Articles

One of the most practiced use of PLR articles is to spin and post them on blogs. Well, that looks cool, but obvious that it is not the best practice. If you have used article spinners, no matter how great they are, it will always end up having problems. No software can spin articles to the perfect 100% readable content. So, what is the problem of having “Spun” content? Be sure that it wouldn’t go well with your website visitors and the search engines as well.

If you want to use it to your backlink projects it might be ok. But still, it is against the wishes of the search engines. If you are striving to get a clean pass to all of these, use your mind to spin the articles. I have developed a unique and easy way of re-writing PLR articles. It usually returns more than 90% uniqueness to the article. Let me tell you how i do this:

Long time ago i noticed that most PLR articles have a very long sentence structure. The writers probably wanted to create a robust article that has lots of variations for spinners. This was a “Light Bulb” moment for me. I thought “What if i split the sentences and make them shorter?”

Then i started to experiment with this project. It worked fine. I only go through the article and make sentences shorter, at times adding few words and phrases to make them meaningful. That means, i make two sentences out of one long sentence. Then i will check the article with free plagiarism checks. Guess what? It usually turns out to be a unique article.

The thought of planing what to write and strain to type what i think is not necessary here. Just follow the article and break the long sentence in two or three. These kind of articles are perfect for your money site.

A semi-automated article spinning?

The average way of using PLR articles is by spinning them with an article spinner. If you are thinking of spinning them, I would suggest you to use a semi-automated or “Human-Assisted” kind of spinner. All other auto-spinning scripts will definitely give you non-readable product.

You can get the semi-auto spinner at the link below. After signing up as a free user, you will get all the tutorials of using the spinner in the “Knowledge Base” section. You will surely be amazed how this free service can transform your PLR articles with as little as 30 minutes work.

Sign Up Below Free


Thousands of articles. Now What?

I have downloaded huge amounts of informational products in the past few years and did really nothing. But now I have decided to at least to give away as much products as I can. After downloading these free plr files you must take action and make things happen or the files will only be stored on your hard drive. They only crowd precious digital space.

The article spinner I talked about in the previous paragraph will give you a unique and completely readable article which you can use for many other purposes. Believe me, I have seen the power of this service and am still using it as they have a backlink building service too. Hope you will get the information and tools provided here helpful.

The topics of the Embarrassing Niche PLR Articles are;

    1. Angular Cheilitis
    2. Bruxism
    3. Constipation
    4. Flatulence
    5. Genital Warts
    6. Penis Enlargement
    7. Ring Worm
    8. Scabies
    9. Varicose Veins
    10. Vaginal Tightening

commission gorrilla

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1500 PLR Articles

100 Embarrasing Niche Articles

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# The articles are uploaded on Google drive. If the file is more than 30mb, Google may alert you that they didn't scan the file for virus. Be assured that you will only download the PLR Article Files
15100 Free PLR Articles; 100 in Embarrassing Niche
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15100 Free PLR Articles; 100 in Embarrassing Niche
Here are collection of 15100 Free PLR Articles of which 100 are in Embarrassing Niche. Great free content to download and use as you see fit
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