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Get 100 free backlinks for your site

(This offer has expired and no more provided here, Sorry. But the content is good and links still are useful).

I want to make this post very short so that you can get 100 free backlinks to your preferred site, right after reading this article. I am no seo guru and even no expert in seo, but have been using the basic seo strategies to build my posts rank in organic search results.

If you have some money to spare on advertising, then you shouldn’t worry much on free traffic. But if you are one of thousands of online marketers who run their online business in a shoe-string budget, mostly as a part time hobby, then you must use seo.

The search engines have always been unhappy about online marketers as marketers are mostly breaking the rules to get to the top of the search engines. The search engines actually strive to deliver high quality content to their users, hence they have to scrap out crappy content from their search results. It is common sense, I would have done the same if I owned Google. So what is the point of building these 100 free backlinks where the search engines are not going to notice them anyway?

The search engines will actually notice backlinks

The basic truth you get from any seo expert is backlinks usually matter for your site’s ranking. As long as you make sure you are taking care of the quality of backlinks and where they link to. I am a member of group of marketers who have access to high quality private blog network, and also a paid subscriber in Socialmonkee and Ezarticlelinks. In the private blog networks membership we have been educated to properly optimize our site (Post) for better ranking. There is no point to build backlinks for a site that is poorly optimised…just doesn’t do any good.

Here is how you optimize your site for better ranking; before you build backlinks

I would rather refer you to the specialists in seo than tire myself to explain the lengthy process of on page optimisation. Go to the link below and absorb the information



If You Like It, Share It!

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