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Product Reviews Blog; Start To Build One For Yourself

Product Reviews Blog; Start One Now

product reviews bloggerThis blog is mainly about Internet marketing related product reviews and most of our posts are about digital informational product reviews. But here I would like to give you my best tips on starting and maintaining product reviews blog. Product reviewing is a well known niche and some bloggers make their living by reviewing physical products or services on their blogs. Of course, product reviews bloggers have to achieve quite a high level of trust among their subscribers, readers and search engines as well.

When starting out anything in life, we will not be expecting to see success right away. Same is true in this venture you are going to start. Though it is generally believed that it takes about six months or more to see your blog posts rank in the search engine listings, there are things we can do to speed this up. So, don’t be discouraged by the “Wait” time you are going to face. Let us start to list out some of the basics you should be setting up to start product reviews blog;

Decide on which niche you want to blog about

It is very easy to talk about things we know. If we happen to be among friends who are talking about something new, we just can’t participate in the conversation. Same is true in the virtual world. We can’t blog about something we have no clue of. What is your interest? Do you want to talk about fashion? or are passionate about food? With little soul search, you can find what you want to write about.

Get an expired domain name in your niche

Getting a new domain name is just a few minutes work. But new domains take time to build momentum among the thousands of similar domains that have established websites. There is a new trend now and that is getting a quality expired domain in your niche. You may have wondered if there are enough expired domain out there, but go and see how the market is huge and domains expire in their tens of thousands daily. Get the best tutorial on how to find the best expired domain and register it for your product reviews blog.

You must as well get your preferred hosting account so that you may host your domain there and install your site.

Install a WordPress blog or any other blogging platform you prefer

So many online marketers believe WordPress is the easiest and most robust blogging platform out there. Installing and making your WordPress live on the domain of your choice is just a child’s play. You can do it through the hosting account in literally few clicks. But, starting out on a new blog with fresh install is something that takes time to build up. The best way to go is to find a ready-made blog that has all the graphics, templates, links, social media accounts set-up on it.

I wouldn’t say you can find ready-made blogs in any niche, but surely know there are so many out there in the market. So, get one for your product reviews and install it on the expired domain name. But there is something you MUST do to the ready-made blog you just installed and that is re-writing the articles. Such blogs come with 20-50 articles already posted in them. But guess what? Everyone buying such sites is using the same articles which is a clear signal to the search engines that your blog is rubbish (Sorry).

20-50 articles on a blog are just too few. You must add more, each day if you can, and grow it to hundreds of posts. That is when you start to see targeted traffic or visitors coming to your site. Once you reach there, it is time to achieve what is in your plan.

Design your review blog in a silo structure

Silo is a sort of container that we use to store stuff for later use. So, a silo website structure is a design that puts similar information in a selected category. If your blog is about “weight loss”, we can call that your main silo. Then there are other related categories, Silos, that you can build to store related posts. I can build “Weight loss for men”, “Weight loss for women” and “Weight loss for children” under the main silo and whenever I post Weight loss for men related posts I store them under “Weight loss for men” category.

This structure gives visitors the ease of finding related posts. Search engines see this as a sure sign of quality design aimed at improving user experience. It is not just easy to build a silo structured website, but one can learn the art by watching free tutorial videos on YouTube and else where.

Building Backlinks that matter

If you are familiar with all the ins and outs of Internet marketing, it is then clear to you that the main struggle of getting free search engine traffic is the ranking issue. Search engines rank websites due to many ranking factors or algorithms. And the most part of these factors is quality backlinks. It is quite tempting to go out there are buy backlinks but there are clear dangers to this kind of proposition. The search engines could penalise your site for having low-quality backlinks.

The best practice is to build backlinks from quality websites with relevant content in them. This is not easy to find and if you get it cheap it could very likely be a black-hat trick. Most online marketers state that getting quality blog network backlinks is the way to go. You can find such services out there and they are not cheap.

The tips and ideas mentioned above will definitely help you get your product reviews blog up and running in a shirt period of time. You will as well start to see success due to the fact that you are blogging on a domain name that had some level of reputation already. Your ready-made blog is also another factor that facilitates your success as lots of design issues have been handled for you.

As an internet marketing product reviews blog blogger, I wish you all success and would be happy to help you in whatever way I can. You can use the “Contact Us” page to send me your request, so long!

Facebook Group Advertising: Why You Should Use It


Why Facebook Group advertising

The main reason why marketers should use Facebook Group Advertising is the fact that it has endless streams of visitors on a daily basis. Facebook has refined the social media platform to be one of the most visited networking platform in the world wide web. Never think traffic to Facebook is going to decline any time soon. It is in fact always on the rise. Where there is traffic, it is quite possible to do business. So, you should start to use Facebook group advertising as it has none-stop stream of users who sign in to their accounts several times in a day.

Facebook, as we all know, has allowed users to create and join groups for free. Right now, there are tens of thousands of groups on different interests you can imagine. So, you can join as many groups of your interest as possible. These groups have administrators and moderators who will monitor what is going on in the groups. Facebook administrator have the overall authority to determine if any group is out of line or not.  When you go to join a Facebook group, it is common to see thousands of members active in the groups. As you keep on joining many groups in your niche, the  umber of people that can potentially see your ad will multiply exponentially.

This doesn’t mean that you can easily post one advertisement and start to receive endless traffic to your offers. That is not going to happen as almost all members are striving to promote their own offers. But, with patience and perseverance you can achieve a significant improvement to your success rate. Before blasting your promotions to all the group you joined, you must be aware that all groups are different and have their own rules. To have a long life in these groups, it is wise to abide by the rules and play smart.
More elaborate article on Facebook Group Advertising will be found at the link.

How To Start Your Own Business: Rieva Lesonsky Review

start your own business book reviewIf you intend to know how to start your own business, but don’t know where to start at, then you can use this book “Start Your Own Business: The only start-up book you will ever Need”, by Rieva Lesonsky. The book is create by Entrepreneur Press and it is definitely a significant source of knowledge regarding starting an your own small business.

The publication literally takes you through the entire enterprise process, from determining if you really have what it takes to run a small business to how to deal with failure if the business does not work properly, and everything involved in between. The book goes into so many details and covers every little topic that starting a small business requires. There are so many other books and online resources suggested as well.

The book is broken down into ten sections, with numerous chapters. The initial section, ‘You Gotta Get started Somewhere’ addresses the question of how to come up with an idea for the business, and whether you want to do your business as a part time or full time. So many people find this step helpful as it shows them the real truth of starting a business.

The other section belonging to the book will be entitled ‘Building Blocks’. It covers the topics like; how to name your company, choosing profitable business structure, having a business package, and how to hire a new lawyer and also accountant. I think that this is the most valuable part of the book. These would be the things that many entrepreneurs also struggle with. The “Naming A person’s Business” chapter especially helps those who doesn’t yet have any idea on what to name their business.

Naming a business is not that easy as it looks. One has to consider the possibility of getting a brand name that is a good candidate for registering officially and getting a domain name for. One of the worst things that can be done is to choose a name which is already being used by another person and then enter into confrontations, with ugly court battles down the road.

The third section covers financing issues, such as where to get money to start and run your company. The final section, ‘Setting the Stage’ is absolutely massive. It covers numerous stuff such as buying a location for the business, creating a professional picture, offering shoppers credit, selecting your very first employee, along with business insurance cover and so on. All of these things are extremely important to every business owner who is just starting out.

The is yet another section that covers buying provider computers, cell phones, and cars. These things probably won’t be quite challenging for most companies, but getting a good guide from one that has expertise in the field is so essential.

There is a section, on the other hand, that covers one of the hardest things every merchant faces “marketing and advertising”. This section has jam-packed lots of information about advertising, marketing, and public relations. It also briefly gives directions on web-marketing. But as that is not the area the author focuses on, it is advised that other books should be used on that regard.

The final part of the book, entitled “By the Books” covers every business owner’s favourite issues, “accounting and taxes”. The idea gives solid advice related to basic bookkeeping, monetary statements, cash strategy, and taxes. For most companies this section along with the web resources listed should be more than enough to receive them started on retaining their internet business legally viable.

I can’t overemphasize exactly how important I believe it is for every company owner to own this reserve of pure knowledge. It is is surely a book one has to pick up to get everything regarding starting a business. Having that book in your possession will save you countless hours.

Anyone who can read and understand will be able to comprehend the truths and guides that are laid out in the book. There is no guarantee that those who read this book will have success in their business, but they definitely are way much better off than those who don’t have the knowledge within.

Product Review Sites: Know which meets your need

Common way to find product review sites in your product category

productreviewsitesThere are hundreds, if not thousands, of product review sites on the internet. To get the best out of them one has to know which site is best review site for what category of products. Countless products come to the market on a daily basis and their review sites are created as the products are going mainstream.

Most review sites are focusing on a certain niche or market and the users in the site are more interested to talk about related products. It is not easy to get the best product review site if we don’t have any clue as to where or how to look for them.

The common practice of an average person looking for product reviews is to Google the product. To be specific, most commonly use “product name + Review” as a keyword and browse the sites that are listed on the first page of the search engines. It is highly likely that the sites we find on the first page are the best for the category of product we are searching for. But it could as well not be so.

When we understand how websites are listed on the first page of the search engines, we could have the right approach about sites that we get on the first page. It is quite possible that a fraudulent site can come up to the first page and be presented as a reliable source of information. This is usually done through search engine optimisation techniques. Otherwise, a simple search for review of any kind on the search engines will return bunches of reliable sites that have enough information to satisfy our expectations.

If the right review site for a specific product is not found, it could possibly be that the product is not yet reviews by anyone yet or doesn’t build momentum to be noticed by the search engines. It is best practice to get lots of product review sites so that we can go through some of them before going through a check out.

What we expect in the review site will decide how we interact with site’s content. Most reviews include users’ testimonies, ratings and recommendations. Some could go as far as comparing prices and letting us know more details about a given product.

Of all the product reviews and ratings we get on the internet, nothing beats a word of mouth testimony from a friend or work colleague. They are the people we know personally. We can ask them what we want to know more and can see their body expressions to guess how the product made them feel. Go out there are search for the best product review sites of your selected category and couple is with a word of mouth testimony and you will be on a better position to come up with the right decision.

Internet Marketing For Introverts

Internet marketing for introverts

internetmarketingforintrovertsInternet marketing is basically for people who want to hide behind a website and do their marketing through written words, video, graphics, software and the likes. So, we may rightfully agree that the title “Internet marketing for introverts” is inclusive of many in the cyber-world. The advent of the internet has brought an entire new era in human communication patterns.

Buying from a website where you have no idea who is behind it should be so scary, but it is very common practice on the internet these days. If you are new to Internet marketing, you might wonder if there is anyone who will come to your website and buy your products and services without knowing who you are. But be very sure that this is what people are doing day in and day out on the internet.

The realm meaning of the word “Introvert” may not be that clear. In general, it is a personality where the individual doesn’t want to socialize or interact with other people. Introverts would rather be in solitary that be in a group and socialize. Hence, Internet marketing is the right platform for these kind of personalities that prefer not to meet with customers, at least not in person. If you are thinking about starting a business on the internet and are mortified by the thought of meeting with your customers or audience of your website, then there are so many ways you can handle this online.

The main advantage of starting a website related business is the possibility of automating all the sales process without human intervention. Your website could be set up in a way that your customers will be funnelled through your sales process without the need of you or anyone being there. If you are selling digital products, then the product delivery could as well be automated. What else will make you so comfortable than selling a product or a service without talking to any customer? You just have to decide which internet marketing model will fit your personality.

We all have some sort of doubt when it comes to meeting with strangers. As an introvert, the fear and uncertainty of meeting with others can even get us out of business quick. So, we have to minimize the possibility of a human interaction on our business website. Customers should be able to go through pages and posts of the website that will funnel them until they pay and receive their purchase. This can easily be done through designing your sales funnel in the right way. A sales funnel could be designed to sell any goods or service. The concept is derived from a “Funnel” which has a wider entry at the top and narrower at the bottom. This means you will have so many visitors coming through your front door and those people will be “Funnelled” through different steps that will filter those who really doesn’t need what you have. At the end of the funnel, you will have a handful of real customers that are ready to buy your products and services.

Most agree that it is wise to start your funnel by giving a free but valuable offer. We all are still crazy about free offers, aren’t we? Once a visitors of your website agree to give their email for exchange of the free offer, they will immediately be directed to a low fee product that is presented as a one time offer. The one time offer is the primary stage that differentiates freebie seekers from real buyers. Most will leave your website once the “BUY NOW” phrase is mentioned. But some will definitely go to the nest step and buy your one tome offer. They don’t need to talk to you or call you before they buy, your website is handling all the process through words, videos, graphics, timers, and lots of perks that will urge your visitor to buy.

Internet marketing is for introverts like you and me who hate to go out there and meet people and start the sales pitch. Even worse, going and knocking on doors hoping that the person answering the door will in some way want to buy the product we are selling.

If you are serious about starting a real business on the internet where all the sales process is designed and a human intervention is minimized click this is the right place to start one. Click here to learn about sales funnels and how to build them.



Centument review


CENTUMENT is a new product that launched recently which is designed to get you started making money from the comfort of your home. There are lots of ways we can earn online what differs Centument is that it will not require you to build a website or build list or do any other stuff that the usual systems require. This is a real plug and play system that once you create your free account, you are good to go.

So this is what you will do with Centument. You create a free account and after logging in, you will get a free software that can be installed on your PC which makes the process easy. Then you invest the amount of money you are comfortable with and get into the trade available in your account. After selecting a trade and selecting the amount you click on the upward or downward sign and get into the trade. After few minutes, you can see your earning in your dashboard. After that rinse and repeat.

We do not choose a steady going trade as it will not do us any good. But a clearly upward or downward moving trade can get us a return of up-to 80 percent. And one thing we should remember about this business is that this is a high return and so a high risk business and so when investing, you should always remember to never invest more than you are comfortable with. But it can also get you there faster as you will get higher return.

Binary options are currently the latest trading systems that can skyrocket your income through the roof if done right. with careful implementation some people are getting insane returns with this business and there is no reason you can not do the same. Find out more about CENTUMENT.CO HERE.

Best Website Traffic Generation Technique; Webinar Replay

Best Website Traffic Generation Technique

presscableforinternetmarketingThis article is about the best website traffic generation technique, press release, that spreads your content throughout many influential news portals.  Though there is only little work on your part, most press release services are  very effective in sending your press release to the best news portals on the internet.

Most are highly-priced though, which means you have to pay hefty fees. PressCable on the other hand is modest in its pricing and is as effective in getting the job done. I have a hands-on experience of this press release traffic technique and would like to show you what i found out to be useful.

The reason i call it “The best traffic generation technique” is for the very fact that it really gets you targeted traffic from the search engines with little work on your part. I signed-up when the service started few years ago and was in a monthly subscription. The membership has lots of tutorial videos on how to get the best of your press release. So, let us see what you are going to get through this service;

  1. You will get a membership that allows you to publish your articles through several news portals (Hundreds). You will get a detailed report after the release and see which sites published your news.
  2. The Admin will manually check your press release and drop it if it doesn’t meet the required criteria.
  3. Your news will get on the first page of the search engines, especially Google, from few days to some weeks, depending on the level of the competition.
  4. You can buy credit and release as many news as you want.

The traffic is coming from the search engines, through ranking for specific keywords. You may ask why these press releases rank so high, at least for few days? The secret is, the platforms your news is being published at. Some of the platforms are really high-authority sites that have thousands of visitors per day. When Google finds out that your article is published on such sites, it gives it a higher rank.

But here is the puzzle that i couldn’t solve. I have published 6 press releases since i bought the membership and didn’t get any significant financial gains from them. I have definitely seen my releases get on the first page of Google right after the article is published. That by itself is so exiting and motivating, when you see your work get listed right on the top of every related website out there.

But what is the use if that doesn’t convert to money? I would say one has to learn the best tricks of getting the right keywords before jumping into this best website traffic generation technique. The  video i posted below is a recent training of PressCable and it has lots of tips that are helpful for those who want to give it a try. Go watch the whole video and see if you can make something out of this.

You may want to give this service a try and i would tell you that you made the right choice. There are so many similar services out there if you have no such big budget for your online marketing. But when it comes to PressCable, i am a true witness that it does what it promises to give you.

YouTube Sharp Profits Reloaded Review & Bonus

YouTube Sharp Profits Reloaded Bonusyoutubesharpprofitsreview

This is a quick post to let my you know that i have added lots of bonus products to YouTube sharp profits reloaded, YouTube sharp profits course. The product is all about ranking your videos on YouTube and profiting from them. Everyone seems to understand that videos are the best traffic sources on the internet. Having this tutorial and then having videos to promote as bonus will make your “YouTube Marketing” journey very easy

When you buy this product through my affiliate link you will get the following quality PLR videos;

100 Amazon review videos

50 Weight loss PLR videos

50 Internet marketing related tutorial videos

32 “How To” tutorial videos

Get YouTube Sharp Profits Reloaded now and all the bonus products can be downloaded right after the checkout.

My Tips on how to rank your product review video

Follow these steps;

  1. Learn the basics of using YouTube Live Events (Do a search in YouTube and watch tutorial videos)
  2. Schedule a live event before a product you want to promote is released (Could be scheduled even after product is released)
  3. Before you record your live event, check if your schduled live event has ranked for the keyword you targeted (Usually “Product Name + Review”)
  4. If your scheduled live event has already ranked for the term, record the event at the time or even after the scheduled time.
  5. Do your best to give viewers the best review or best bonus deal.
  6. Better direct viewers to your site first and then to the affiliate offer
  7. Share and do some backlink building for prolonged ranking

Wishing you all success.

Internet Marketing Product Reviews Pros and Cons

Internet marketing product reviews blogging is popular

improductreviewsAs an internet marketing product reviews blogger, I would like to show you what the pros and cons of this niche are. I may not give you a very detailed report on the niche, but would definitely highlight the most evident advantages and disadvantages. This “Product reviews” kind of marketing is practised by so many online marketers through different forms. Some get it easy to write compelling articles that drives readers to the desired action, which is usually a subscription or a sale.

Others use videos, through optimizing and link building, to get to the first page of the search engines. Once on the first page, it is easier to guide the viewer to a desired action. Still others prefer to use social media, solo ads, PPC and other methods to drive traffic to their websites or affiliate links.

This blog mostly maintains the use of review articles to drive traffic to the promoted URL. It still incorporates the use of graphics, videos, social media marketing and so on, but mainly focusing on the articles. So, this post will mostly give you important points to apply to your product review blogging practice. First we have to be sure that the niche, internet marketing product reviews, is a huge niche that so many are still making their money on.

The market is growing and attracting huge number of enthusiasts who want to get their fare share of the big pie. Yes, there is money to be made by doing a product review of some sort. People these days will certainly go online and check for good reviews before they buy a product. This practice created a huge market you and I can delve in.

Pros of product reviews blogging

Now you saw that the market is already there and you want to succeed in this review blogging venture. But, be aware that it doesn’t mean it is easy to do or beat your competitors without a fierce fight. This online business model has been thought by different gurus and now it is easy to understand how to do it. You first go to a product launch site like muncheye and see which product you want to write a review about.

Then write your review taking the readers by the hand and showing them the important points that can help them solve their problems. Then offer irresistible bonuses and rewards so that they may not leave your site without buying through your affiliate link.

The format of a review article will mostly have the following;

  • The title includes the keyword which is usually “Product name+review” or “Product name+reviews” or “Product name+review&bonus”
  • The focus keyword will be mentioned here and there in the post (Not to over do it)
  • Affiliate link will be masked so that readers may not feel they are buying through affiliate link
  • Bonuses and other rewards will be offered to maximise chance of getting a sale

It is just very simple, isn’t it?

Yeah, this is the very fact that is attracting so many online marketed and bloggers to this business model. But its simplicity to understand and do it caused the problems. In the next paragraph I will show you the disadvantages of this simple internet marketing model.

Cons of product reviews blogging

So many newbie marketers will sooner or later will see how it is easy to do a product review and make money and they join the party. Many will quickly master the art and start to build up their campaigns, while hundreds of other newbies get to the same boat. Now, we have a hugely competitive market and it is almost impossible to rank for any kind of product review we want to blog about.

Thousands of online marketers will do the same thing you are doing and there is no way they will let you get to the first page without doing whatever they can to beat you.

As an internet marketing product reviews blogger, I have seen this time and again. The search engines are now looking to the finest and hugely popular ones to rank. Videos will rank very well, but the competition is even worse as it is easy to do a video marketing than write an article. If you still want to succeed in this online business model, you must try your best to stand-out of the crowd and prove to the search engines that your blog is the best to be considered for ranking.

Get a detailed guide on our Internet marketing product reviews blog success to maximise your success and stand-out so that you may be ahead of the competition.

How To Find The Right Computer Repair Company/Technician

How To Find The Right Computer Repair Technician?

computerrepairWant to know How To Find The Right Computer Repair Technician? Here is a very helpful article for you. Computers are usually long lasting and they can be running non-stop for years. But once in a while they can have problems that render them useless. Then, you need a computer repair technician/company to fix it and you want to know How To Find The Right Computer Repair Technician.

It is easy to do a Google search and find someone in the near by that has a local business listing and states that he/she can fix computers. Before you hire those technicians, you must be fully prepared on what to ask and what to expect.

Computer repair costs can spiral right before your eyes and you have no clue what the technician is telling you is wrong. The internal parts of a computer, be it desktop or laptop, are scary. Lots of wires and little flashy things. But to be honest, you can learn what is what in a computer in a very little time than you think is possible.

Are computers so sophisticated that we don’t know how to fix them?

You may have remembered taking your car to your technician and hearing him mention what is wrong in your car. Before you know it the cost has spiraled beyond your wildest imagination. The big dilemma here is, you have no clue if what he is telling you is true or not. It may have been a different story if you know few details about your car’s engine, or your computer internal parts in our case.

So, if you proceed in hiring a computer technician but want to know what to ask and what to expect, then this little list of questions can help you a lot. It is a 2 page file that lists out some questions and tips so that you may be properly prepared before calling the guy/company. Go through the list of questions and familiarize yourself with them so that you may sound natural and know details of the trade.

What if you want to learn how to fix your computer by yourself?

As I said before, it is not that scary or difficult to learn how to fix a computer. You can familiarize yourself to the basic components of a computer and what they do by buying an online course. I personally have learned to repair my computer the DIY way. I don’t want to ignore the potential hazards you may face while doing a repair without any clue. Yeah, you may be electrocuted or you may end up damaging your computer all together.

Get a formal short course on how to fix your computer and be confident to fix problems when they appear next time. I am so revealed that i don’t have to call any computer technician for my computer’s problems. I know what is what and through the years I used a computer, I have always been keen to learn stuff and do repairs/upgrades by myself.